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The Nintendo Switch Is Currently Home To Over 200 Games

After 7 months of being on sale, the Nintendo Switch is now home to over 200 games.  As of Thursday’s eShop update there are now 202 games for the system which is an impressive number. This means that the Nintendo Switch has averaged almost a new game per day since the system launched. So much for there being ‘no games’ on the Nintendo Switch.



    1. You. You couldn’t care less. The Switch has a great selection of well-reviewed indie games. For many of us, a handheld indie library is one of the Switch’s major strengths. That sort of game is a lot more important to me personally than any rehashed drivel with bloated art budgets and monetization dictating gameplay that the AAA publishers like EA, Take 2, etc put out.

    2. The quality of titles is absolutely OK. You can ALWAYS say there’s too much shovelware and uninteresting stuff going on on any console. Still, after 6 months the offering is very good considering that mostgames were never developed with the Switch in mind. I already bought more indie games than on the WiiU after 2 years. And I had quite some games there.For instance Steamworld Dig 2 was so good, it didn’t feel indie anymore but like a game that could’ve come directly from Nintendo. Sure there’s a lot of ports from mobile devices, which sucks, but apart from that the Switch is doing damn well.

      1. Very few mobile ports actually. Like under 10. Most of them are titles that launched on PC first and maybe got ported to mobile after. But you’re not seeing “mobile” games that are microtransaction based Skinner boxes.

        Can’t forget Fast RMX, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Snake Pass, Sonic Mania, Blaster Master, and Golf Story. I haven’t tried Tumbleseed since they made it a little easier but that was neat. And so many great ones that I already had on PC like Tiny Barbarian, Volgarr, Stardew Valley, Cave Story, Binding of Isaac, World of Goo, Shovel Knight, Oceanhorn, Wonderboy, great Neo Geo ports, etc.

    3. To each their own, I couldn’t care less for 99% of PS4’s library and 100% of Xbox’s…. the only PS4 stuff I want to play is KoF XIV, The Last Guardian and the Kingdom Hearts games.
      But you know what? I don’t go out there spreading the word that *we* couldn’t care about 99% of everything released on the other consoles….

  1. probally 90-95% but I gues I could find 2 or 3 solid games on it wich is oke over the course of 7 months , altough zelda is a WII-U port still great though but it counts less for me atleast.

    1. How so? The Switch has, objectively, measurably, had one of the largest and most robust launch years for a console ever. Name a console with a better opening 12 month library?

      “hardcore gamers” (who amusingly enough profess to hate the 95% of the industry that isn’t AAA and M-rated. ) not liking them isn’t any more useful a measure than any other small subset of the industry.

  2. GGs Nintendo, been a while since I felt like I don’t make enough money to keep up with the amount of games I want to buy on a Nintendo console… Seeing as you have 200 games in just over half a year I can see why .

  3. Over 200 games I could care less about but whatever. I got 2 (LoZ: BotW & SMO) of the 4 games I want (the 2 I don’t have being FEW & XC2 (which isn’t out yet)) for my Switch right now with over 50 games on my PS4. (It hurts so good to have such a huge fucking backlog of games I need to play! *weeps tears of joy*) Need to wrap up Nights of Azure, though, so I can put most of my focus into Super Mario Odyssey on Switch & Assassin’s Creed Origins on PS4. Aside from XC2, there are still plenty of other games coming out that I want; with some I want already out on PS4 like Nights of Azure 2. My wallet isn’t out of the woods just yet.

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