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Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Premieres On Disney XD On November 25th

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You will make its TV debut just three weeks after appearing in movie theatres. Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You will appear on Disney XD at 10 AM ET on November 25th. Comic Book reports that Disney XD will also air two new (in the US) episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon right before the movie.

The latest Pokemon movie is a retelling of Ash’s origin story with Pikachu, complete with a replay of Ash and Pikachu’s first battle against a flock of angry Spearow. In the movie, Ash and Pikachu eventually go off in search of Ho-Oh, the Legendary Pokemon that they encountered on their first day as partners.



  1. This movie can burn in hell along with Ghostbusters (2016), Baywatch (2017), Goosebumps (2015), CHiPs (2017), Adventures in Babysitting (2016), & Dirty Dancing (2017). Welcome to this list of shitty reimaginings that never should have been!

      1. As long as they don’t diss those that don’t like them, I have no qualms with other people liking them. I don’t like Ghostbusters 2016 because the trailer showed way too much slapstick humor when Ghostbusters should be dry humor. If I want slapstick, I’ll go watch a Chris Farley movie or one of Melissa McCarthy’s other films or the dozens of other slapstick comedy movies. (The people claiming anyone that disliked it were sexists also forever put me off from that movie.) As for Baywatch, it shouldn’t have been a comedy as the original Baywatch was drama. Basically turned those two into something they weren’t. Shame about Ghostbusters, though, as I was looking forward to an all female team. :/ Still might watch Baywatch one day, though, for the beach bods. lol Actually, I’ll watch all of those remakes/reboots when I can watch them for free one day. But not those last two. I’ve heard way too many things I don’t like concerning the Dirty Dancing remake, & I’ve seen more than enough current Disney Channel television shows & watched bits and pieces of Disney Channel television movies to know I won’t be able to sit over an hour watching Adventures in Babysitting.

        But that’s me apparently. I’m extreme when it comes to expressing my unabashed hatred for something. *has anger issues so tries to take it out on crappy inanimate objects so he doesn’t snap at or harm another human being*

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