Nintendo NY Details SNES Mini Availability Schedule

If you’ve yet to find a SNES Mini console then you may eventually be able to get one from Nintendo NY. The store has outlined availability of the console and when they will have extra stock. Naturally the system’s are limited to one per-person. Here’s the schedule:


  1. I’m just waiting for the NES Classic’s return next year. That and the next Classic system. (I’m sort of hoping for a Gameboy Classic with optional HDMI output)

  2. Great for those that don’t live more than a state away from New York City. Not sure how this helps the millions & millions that don’t live anywhere near NYC, though.

    1. And that’s a good thing that you never will. The enjoyment you’d get out of a 2nd one pales in comparison to the enjoyment someone who currently doesn’t have one would get from getting their hands on one.

      1. Actually, I’m pretty sure he means to give the second one he buys to a family member.

      2. I figured with a name like “The Collector” he meant to just get another for collection’s sake, but that’s a valid reason I guess.

        1. It’s possible he meant that but I think I recall him lamenting not being able to buy a second one for a family member, I think it was for a sister or neice/nephew, awhile back when he got his first one.

      3. Actually, I wanted a second SNES Classic so I could attempt hacking it. I saw several hacking videos on YouTube and I was dying to try it. But I didn’t want to do it on my one and only SNES Classic. Just in case something goes wrong. I wanted to do this same thing on the NES Classic, but couldn’t get a second one. Maybe I’ll get that chance next summer.

        1. Least that’s better than what a scalper would do. I don’t blame you, either. I wouldn’t risk it with my one & only hard-to-get machine, too.

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