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Nintendo President Says There Will Be More Ways To Have Fun With Switch In 2018

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has promised fans that the company will showcase more ways to have fun with the Nintendo Switch next year. Whether that means we will get a Nintendo Direct in January remains anyones guess, but it will certainly be exciting to hear the company’s plans for 2018.


  1. Fire emblem? Prime 4? Come on nintendo, you can’t just leave us fans like this! Our wallets are ready to be pillaged like vikings raiding a village!

    Then again, maybe, just maybe, the reason they don’t do this is because the games aren’t done yet :P

    1. Patience, little one… patience. When 2018 arrives, I’m sure Nintendo will announce the big plans for the Nintendo Switch.

    2. ||Metroid shall never be revealed in such an easy pathetic Xbot corpse way, it shall have a grand spotdark to rule them all…||

  2. I wished they would hold a Direct in december…but obviously they wait until January/February 2018.
    I’m also fine with that but couldn’t they just give us a date like the Switch reveal for instance last year?
    I hope they’ll continue this almost 1 exclusive per month strategy. But it seems like this will end with Xenoblade 2.

  3. More ways to have fun like say…Streetpass? Maybe full BT support for headsets and data sharing between Switch consoles? I’m all set for the games but the system itself is still lacking in meat and flavor.

  4. So what platformers do we have to look forward to after Odyssey (since everyone here shits all over Yooka-Laylee and A Hat in Time), aside from Kirby: Star Allies.

  5. ||You will all kneel and witness the destruction of the Xbot disease in Japan once and for all…||

  6. They better be hinting at Netflix and web browser support. Even as a fanboy, I am quite honestly embarrassed when non-owners ask me about those items and i have to stumble to (try to) explain why a mobile gaming device doesnt have ability to connect to internet.

  7. Netflix? Web Browser? Hulu? WWE Network? PlayStation Vue!? Hey. Roku has it so ya never know. lol

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