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Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 7.6 Million Units As Of September 2017

There’s no disputing that the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, especially coming off the back of the Wii U. Speaking during their 2nd quarter financial results, the Kyoto-based company has revealed that they have sold over 7.6 million Switch units as of September 2017. That means the console has sold more than half the sales the Wii U made in its entire lifetime worldwide. Here’s the figures for game sales.

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild 4.7 million units sold
  • Mario Kart 8  4.42 million sold
  • Splatoon 2 with 3.61 million units sold



  1. And with Prime 4, Pokemon and Fire Emblem next year, the switch will continue dominating and being infinitely better than the wii u ever was imho.

      1. Yea I just saw, that’s great. I believe PS4 had about 18 million in its first year so if the switch gets anywhere close to that then devs will have one less excuse to support the platform.

  2. I have a gut feeling that the Nintendo Switch is gonna surpass 10 million for the next two to three months.

  3. And I remember people saying how no one wanted another Nintendo handheld or “gimmicks ” notice how quiet the haters been about Nintendo the past few months? 😂 😂 I luv it

    1. If you REALLY want a schadenfreude-fueled giggle-trip, check out the comments in IGN’s “Everything We Know About the Switch So Far”. It’s like sweet fan boy eye candy.

    2. They’re still picking on shit like Switch’s Sonic Forces And Doom port’s being “crappy” over frametrate. Excuse me but what is Destiny 2 running at 30FPS on current hardware right now? Oh, what’s that? PC is running it at 60? That clearly explains everything. But fuck it. Playing current gen games on the go is a plus no matter how these jackasses spin it.

      1. Exactly! The haters are just trying to cling to anything they can. The Switch is an awesome system and the industry is better for having it.

        1. All I can say is this: Once Pokémon Gen 8 and maybe GTA5 port happens on the Switch, the whole console fanboy wars and hate is as over as it’s gonna get. I can fucking guarantee it.

  4. I seriously expected a higher number than that but I hope the holiday season gives it an extreme boost it needs…by doubling the current number to surpass at least 16 million after December.

    1. Well Stranga….I think it’s because Nintendo themselves undershipped the Switch to stores….they weren’t sure that the Switch was gonna sell the way it did. This is why they’re raising their forecast to 14 million. I’m certain that the Switch will continue to sell well in 2018….. especially if that mainline Pokémon title and Smash Bros games are released

      1. Well now that I see a crapton of leftover Systems in shelves, hopefully with Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Skyrim, L.A Noire and Doom, it’ll push the Systems sale up to more than 15 million and hopefully Eclipse 20 million by March 3rd or anywhere in March.

  5. Are those sales to actual customers or sales to stores (aka shipping numbers?) *shrug* Either way, I’m honestly not impressed. When it hits Gamecube numbers, THEN I’ll be impressed.

    1. They seem set to surpass the Wii U failure, at least.

    2. They will. Holiday sales are usually a hurricane. They could easily sell up to 2m -3m in December alone… Not to mention up to 1m by black Friday.

      1. If the commercials for Switch are strong in November & December, I guess they could do well during the holidays. Only time will tell.

    3. At this rate, Switch is bound to surpass Gamecube’s total units sold in like 3 years, and 7.6 mil in less than 9 months is still really good. Having two must-haves (Mario and Zelda, three if you count Splatoon 2 like I do) out in year one certainly helps.

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