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Polygon: Sonic Forces Received A Review Score Of 5/10

The reviews for Sonic Forces are starting to come in, despite a lack of pre-release review codes. The latest comes from Polygon, who gave Sonic Forces a score of 5 out of 10. Polygon’s review score system also includes a score that is specifically for the Nintendo Switch. That version also received a 5 out of 10. According to Polygon, “a score of five indicates a bland, underwhelming game that’s functional but little else. These games might still possess quirks or aspects that appeal to certain players”. Obviously, there will be more reviews of the game coming, so stay tuned.



  1. Uh… I think I’ll take this review with a grain of salt thank you.

    I’ve read as much as I can and this sounds like something a butthurt gamer would say if he sucked hard at it.
    It’s just coming off as ‘whiny’ to me.

    Also if the game is functioning well, then shouldn’t that mean there are little to no technical issues at all?
    I’m telling you, whoever’s reviewing this either sucks at games or he’s being payed to rig the review scores.

    Also I see no mention of Sonic Generations or Sonic Colors anywhere, so I take it if this guy played those games he’d think THEY sucked too?

    1. I think you misunderstood. All that was given is a 5 and no other comments I think. The writer (ssf1991) is just saying what a 5 represents in polygons terms so you can’t say they come off as ‘whiny’ from stating a number. Also the attitude that it’s impossible the game is actually bad (even though you haven’t played it) and that the reviewer themselves is at fault due to their gaming ability or being paid just is stupid. Fair enough, you should take the review with a grain of salt, but completely dismissing a well respected reviewer is well also stupid

      1. “When you do get into the flow of the action, Forces can be almost hypnotic in its rhythms. Unfortunately, this never lasts long, though; Forces is, after all, an action game, which means that players expect to be presented with a challenge. And pose a challenge it does, but these tests of skill rarely create the sensation of having achieved any meaningful mastery. I found that most of my failures resulted from a combination of high speeds and poorly telegraphed obstacles. Hazards either appear on-screen too quickly to react or else they vanish into the overly busy backgrounds.”

        No. I don’t think I misunderstood at all. This guy isn’t good at reflexes.

      2. Well, I actually have the game and I can say that if you liked colors or generations (especially colors) then you will most definitely like this. While I don’t know if the review is poor due to the reviewers skill,I do agree it comes off as whiney it almost seems like this guy picked up the game to blast sega for “another” sonic game. It makes no mention of where forces tries to push the formula forward. And for this sonic fan it definitely succeeded. The levels are all different variations of Sonics best mechanics, where one level may be a throw back to colors the next might play like heroes, then it will throw in a classic side scrolling level and finish it off with a boss fight out of lost world. It comes off fun and varied and only takes from the best aspects of the past.

    2. Wait… So you’re saying he was payed off to give a bad review? Pretty sure that’s not how it works…

    3. You know….. Maybe the game could just be…. You know… Bad?

      I looked at the leaks, the gameplay the repetitive jump dodge attack repeat boss battles and I wasn’t convinced. I think this score is accurate but that’s my opinion since you seem rather interested in this game then you could ignore this one bad review and play it yourself.

    4. Okay fair enough. But Breath of the Wild was hard and that didn’t get bad reviews at all. A SONIC game should be able to be played by a large audience and what’s normally appealing is the flow of speed and passing of obstacles but if that process is a problem then it’s simply not a good entry in the sonic series. Look how well Mania was received, in part due to them fixing this problem. Of course neither of us have played the game so we don’t no for sure but as I said dismissing a well respected reviewer is stupid

  2. i never trust Polygon’s score regardless, they say Xenoblade suck, i say its awesome, they say Xenoverse 2 sucks, i say its awesome, they say Mario Kart 8 for Wii U sucks because its 59fps and not 60fps, i say its awesome and why be salty about one frame difference? besides, Polygon sucks and have always sucked, that and they suck someone’s peepee and being paid to do so just to create flame wars. also i ‘m buying the game and judging for myself, if its meh then i will say so but even meh games have their fun uses.

    1. They gave Xenoblade Chronicles X a 7/10 and Xenoblade Chronicles a 8/10. They did not say any of the games sucked.

  3. I just want Sonic/SEGA to stay in business, long enough for other developers to pitch and develop more ambitious titles, like Sonic Adventure 3 (or a game actually faithful to Sonic Adventure 1 & 2). If Team Headcannon can do it with Mania, why can’t another developer do it with the Adventure series.

      1. It failed but cause they botched it.

        Even a Sonic Adventure 2 MOD/HACK (barring an original story) would be closer to Sonic Adventure 3 than that game.

        To me, it would be a proper start. That’s how Whitehead/TeamHeadcannon got started.

  4. I’m not going to judge the review off of it that there opinion but I’m getting tired of these gaming journalism posting fake reviews there are the gaming industry’s own Fox News,CNN and MSNBC We rely on on IGN and Gamespot’s reviews for us to decided weather if We want to buy the game or not they will bash games that people are interested in and praises Annual releases AAA games like Just Dance,Assassin’s Creed,Call of Duty and Madden again like how Fox News praises Trump and CNN praises Hillary Clinton these People need to do there job right

  5. I would take this as a bad sign, but it’s Polygon. They probably gave it a bad score because they couldn’t hold the controller correctly.

  6. It’s important to note that Sega has told Dan Stapleton via Twitter that they did not send review copies due to the day-1 update. If the update is so crucial that it caused them to nix review copies, it may make substantial changes to the game, and the review might not accurately represent what people will play when they get their copies on day one.

    1. ||Their organisation skills are abysmal and as default, their incompetent leaders…||

  7. Doesn’t surprise me that the 3D game is worse. Sonic Mania was amazing though and Sonic works best in the 2D sega genesis styles. Generations and Colors were pretty good 3D entries but more than often Sega’s 3D entries miss rather than hit. I wasn’t excited for a 3D Sonic anyway. Mania was what I was after and it DELIVERED.

  8. I don’t trust Polygon’s review if they gave Mania a 6/10 because that’s a sign they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    That said Sonic Forces looked mediocre from the day it was announced, continues to look mediocre, and this review is *probably* accurate in detailing its mediocrity.

  9. Look I have the game and I can honestly say if you like sonic colors and generations, you will like this. It is definitely not a 5 but it’s not a 10. A 7.5 is a good call. If you are a fan you can bump it to a 8.This polygon review really isn’t very accurate and doesn’t talk at all about mechanics like “team levels” where sonic teams up with the avatar like a “heroes” throw back although the mechanics are very different. It mashes up the game play and creates knew ideas at every turn and for the most part it works. Bottom line is this is light years ahead of unleashed and sonic 06 and is a evolution of colors and generations. Of coarse a lot of time has passed since those games and worth the expansive open worlds and freedom we have come to expect this day and age it might be a little restrictive.

  10. Also, Polygon? Those fuckers suck at their job. I would immediately discredit these pricks, not because I like Sonic and defend it to the Death because Sonic has bad games and rocky reputation.

  11. The only moments Sonic has been any good is when they tweaked the formula, slowed things down and gave us more involved gameplay than “Dash to win”, I’m talking games like Colors and even Lost World (Fairly decent game marred by a handful of completely idiotic levels).
    This “Run forever” kind of gameplay is archaic, it doesn’t allow any sort of intelligent input until you’ve committed the level to memory, and at that point it’s got to be boring to keep playing the game.

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