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Capcom Won’t Comment On Switch Exclusive Games But Says Its Important For Multiplatform

Capcom have produced a few titles for the Nintendo Switch but not in the numbers we initially thought. The company has said that it won’t comment on their plans for Nintendo Switch exclusive games, but say that the system is important for multiplatform titles. Whether that means we will get a number of ports to the system remains unclear.


  1. In other words: We’re downright inept to realize which of the PARTICULAR platform is more financially important to us…meaning both of their lazy Nintendo ports have made more money than everything else on other platforms they’re blinding kissing ass over. Capcom deserves to go under by their own stupidity.

  2. Here let me do your job for you Capcom. In the January Direct you can appear with an apology to Switch owners and an announcement of Mega Man and Disney Collection ports. Those games skipping Switch should never have happened.

  3. Why are we giving attention to this shit company? The refuse to move towards what the future, Japan already selected the Switch as the new king

    1. Yeah and these companies are making more money through Switch than any current platform. Hell, even the 3DS, former king of Japan, is dying while Switch sales are spiking. WTF is Capcom’s deal? We all know that holding back MH for Nintendo to please desperate Sony and ignoring the accidental success two of their old console ported games are making compare to their recent new titles on other higher based platforms is business suicide 101. Yup, Capcom deserves to die.

  4. goddammit just dump that fucking NES ROM collection you call Mega Man Collection 2 and Disney Afternoon Collection, Capcom.

  5. No comment on Switch exclusives from Capcom as of now? Well I’ll be buying your games I want on PS4 til you have some Switch exclusives for me that interest me. Except a Resident Evil exclusive. I’ll just wait for it to get it’s eventual port on a PlayStation which I know it’ll get. Just like every other RE “exclusive” on a Nintendo system. (Don’t trust you guys on Nintendo when it comes to Resident Evil games.)

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