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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Says More Microsoft First Party Games Could Come To Other Platforms In The Future


A recent interview published by the Wall Street Journal with Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggests that more Microsoft first party titles could come to other platforms. We already have Minecraft on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch from Microsoft. Here’s what was said:

In an interview, Mr. Spencer said his new role is designed, in part, to give him more latitude to reach gamers on any device, rather than using “gaming to make Windows more successful.”

That means, one day, more Microsoft first-party games could appear on other platforms, he said, such as Apple Inc.’s iPhones or perhaps even Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, as its building game “Minecraft” does.



                1. And yet, it died thanks to EA hyping the eventually stale BF1 and now they shut down Visceral Games and shoving loot crates up SW’s ass so hard. I wouldn’t touch TF2 no matter how “good” it is. It’s EA an dits enough to say no.

                  1. I won’t argue with that. Just too bad for Respawn :/ I’m thinking for their hard work going to waste because of EA.
                    But it isn’t dead. Plenty online still and just got a hoard mode.

                  1. I remember Dice did talk bad about Wii U as well. EA. Gotta hate ’em. But Activision isn’t any better, and they own Blizzard btw. So Overwatch isn’t any better in my eyes, plus that loot box system of their must die.

                    1. Well, at this point, Dice was right and even Bethdesa said so. But this, things are different and EA is just the same fucking greedy pricks like before.

  1. Like a legit Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel ON NINTENDO PLATFORM instead of that fucking abomination they showed a couple of years back which I bet they quickly scrapped due to backlash. If only Nintendo did that for Chibi Force on 3DS.

    1. I HIGHLY doubt this is what he meant…

      Think about it, if Xbox starts sending their first parties to other consoles, then they REALLY are shooting themselves in the foot. As it stands them having the PC versions of every first party thus forward is a pretty hard hit to them (there’s no incentive to buy an Xbox now… just get a PC that’s stronger and more capable).

    1. Obviously they don’t plan on another console after the One X.

      This is actually really funny based on the years of hardcore gamers saying Nintendo would go third party.

      What now bitches? ;)

      1. Of course Xbox should die. Why? PC already exists and they need to be revitalized again because of Microsoft’s own cannibalism through Xbox which THAT started so many disgusting trends like pointless achievement system, paid online and even made FPS an oversaturated genre.

      2. Yeah, Bill Gates have said that he, as a shareholder, wouldn’t mind selling the Xbox brand or close it. It have been in the cards for a while, and Xbox One X is just there to show us that people should start to play games on PC instead, I’m sure.

  2. Give us Rare games and keep the rest! BTW Minecraft was a multiplat game before it has been bought by M$. So it was Mojang’s decision to bring the game to the Switch, not Microsoft’s!

    1. Looks like the Xbox plague might finally come to an end and we might see the old Rare IPs return to Nintendo like Conker’s and maybe Microsoft might share Halo to us.

      1. ||Defend Nintendo against the rest, but my main objective would have been accomplished…||

  3. Calling Minecraft and Rare games “first party” seems kind of silly of Microsoft, even though it’s technically correct. If I hear “first party” I assume the company developed the game/series.

        1. Well, as thestrangablog states: it’s first party when they own it. I understand what you mean, but it would be hard for MS to have exclusive first party titles if Microsoft Studios were the only ones to make them :P And kind of disrespecting those developers making games by saying “u ain’t reel Xbots first perteh, u no MS Wii just own u, u dirty second pørteh!”

          But definitions, definitions. Who cares as long as their game is great, right?

  4. Man the Xbox brand really is dying. It will be sad to see any of the big 3 companies leave the hardware business. They all bring something cool to E3.

    1. That’s actually good news. Xbox plague will be extinct forever and their IPs will be on Nintendo again like Conker’s and possibly see Halo on them which is also good news for a way to kill off that garbage con Destiny and CoD.

  5. Switch does seem like a more likely candidate than PS4 since Microsoft can basically publish some games as “portable” titles. Heck, even after they bought out Rare the studio put out a couple GBA games back in the day.

  6. Microsoft is exiting the Xbox market after the failure of the X1 it seems, it will be just a twin for the PC market, until it last.

    1. Except the xbox hasn’t failed, and is in fact the best console this generation for anyone who owns one. It’s the center of my entertainment system, my computer runs through it to the TV for a second screen. It’s the first thing I turn on when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I do before bed is say “Xbox turn off” and it recognizes my voice and turns off my entire system. Did I mention it lets me use voice commands to control my TV and surround sound? And I get over the air TV with it. And the controller is the best controller this generation. I play all third party games on it. I have every console, but I almost never boot up my PS4 except to play exclusives. As for my switch, I keep it in my bag with me but I rarely ever play it. Recently I’ve started playign a little pokken tournament on it, but that’s about it. At some point I’ll play STardew Valley and Golf Story on it, but that doesn’t change the fact my xbox gets a million times more use, and as someone who has used everything it’s easily the best interface and community and experience.

      1. Maybe for you Andrew. I don’t mind that you like it, but it sold half of a PS4, has many games than a PS4. Actually it looks like Nintendo and Sony will share the market.
        I have chosen an Xbox 360 in the previous generation, but don’t see Microsoft really pushing their console. It’s good, ok. But it sold half than a PS4. Eventually the Xbox project has not been that successful for Microsoft.

  7. Just a little FYI, MS loses money on every Box it sells. Which is the reason why most of its 1st party games are pc cross play. They dont want you to buy the box, they want you to buy the software, and them releasing games multiplat would do just that. Just remember that you suporting their software isnt killing the brand, but actually helping them keep it alive.

      1. Yeah, the xbox isnt profitable. Thats why Live is such an essential thing to MS, because thats a big chunck of their revenue. They lose money on hardware but make it up on software (which is why MS is so liberal with it and you see games come out for both XBO and PC) and Live subscriptions.

        Hell, up until late 2015 the PS4 wasnt profitable aswell.

        1. Xbox One X must be solded at loss. They either push it on the retaliers, AMD, themselves or all the above. 500 bucks for that hardware is insane. CPU isn’t that great, but the rest – incredible.

          1. It is, bussiness insider had an interview with Phil a few months back and they tried to get it out of him. It all pretty much alluded to him saying that hardware doesnt make money, software does. He did admit that the XBO X wasnt going to be making money for the brand though, so its them eating it. I do remember AMD saying that theu themselves were actually making money though. So thats actually pretty weird.

            1. AMD is a hardware manufacturer, so they need profit from Xbox X. It’s not weird that AMD earns money. Xbox uses APU, a really cheap solution. CPU and GPU shares chip. CPU is weak, and if (let just say that console costs 600$ to make) AMD sells it to MS for 600, and MS sells it for 500. MS just takes the 100$ bill. They could also sell it for 500-600 to stores and force them to take 500 as well. Apple and Samsung in Norway does that.

              1. Its not weird that its profiting, its weird the way they worded the statement. They said that they were making a bigger profit on every xbox than MS, but MS isnt making any profit. So them even bring it up to anyone that isnt an investor is just odd lol.

                1. I don’t know what to say… Ofc AMD is making a bigger profit from the actual hardware.
                  MS is probably making some money, they’re just lying about that they’re not making money. The directly lie all the time.
                  MS is making profit from Xbox X, just through games and branding. That is what the investors will be informed about.

                  1. Exactly, the stememt just boggles though because I thought it was common knowledge.

                    MS said they werent making money of the xbox as in the box, the hardware. Theyve crearly said that they are making money of the software. I means, theres a reason why the brand is still alive, that and LIVE, theyre making a TON. Just not from the box.

  8. *goes to read the actual article for myself & hits a roadblock* I need to be a member to read the article? Fuck that. Looks like I’ll stick to my plan of getting a base Xbox One for Rare Replay when I find one for 200 bucks or less.

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  10. ive called it since the xbox one released, microsoft will want to leave in the near future. This seems like a step in that direction… which would leave the door open for a contender to return or a new contender

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