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Both Of Capcom’s Nintendo Switch Games Have Made Plenty Of Money For The Company

Despite not having Capcom’s full support at present on the Nintendo Switch, the company has announced it made plenty of money recently and that was in no small part due to the two Nintendo Switch games it released.

Capcom specifically called out the Nintendo Switch game Monster Hunter XX as a title that “performed strongly.” Additionally, Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers for Switch was labeled as a “smash hit.”

Let’s hope this means plenty of additional support from Capcom going forward as they haven’t announced much for the system as of yet.


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    1. Not just all the SFs and Marvel fighters on the arcades you’ve got 1942, Cyberbots, Darkstalkers, Final Fight, Power Stone, Red Earth, Black Tiger, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, TechRomancer, Willow, the arcade DnD games, Forgotten Worlds, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Knights of the Round, Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo II, Saturday Night Slam Masters, and so many more. These all still get regular play on my arcade cabinet and it’d be great to see these end up on the Switch like the Neo Geo titles.

  1. Once again, as proven, Capcom is more successful on Nintendo ALONE and yet they’re excusing from supporting them? That’s like cutting yourself off from medication that’s saving your life for illegal drugs that’s not. Keep in mind, both games are A. Bareboned overprice SF2 port from 25 years ago and B. MHXX 3DS port they’re refusing to localize because, wait for it…wait for it, Sony’s desperation and jealousy of Switch’s rising success plus to make up for Scalebound’s cancellation. Thanks to yours truly.

    Crapcom, you’re making a very HUGE mistake on choosing the wrong side. Doesn’t matter if Sony, who is also close to being bankrupt, is offering better partnership incentive compare to 2007 but seeing that MH: World needs 3 platforms to sell compare to one unit who’s making you more money than all 3 combined despite being a 3DS port, this is just a very sad story of Capcom’s apparent stupid oversight on Nintendo’s potential of making Capcom a household name. Cutting off Nintendo fans support is the same suicidal asspull as cancelling Megaman. No wonder you’re in danger of losing money as much as your business ground…dumbasses.

  2. Coming right after the whole MH World thing, Capcom can you finally see that we want these games on switch? We want Monster Hunter we want Mega Man and Okami and Disney Afternoon but no. It would be nice if all these IPS were sold to a different company or Capcom got better management

  3. It’s a damn shame that some of my favourite Zelda games were mostly developed by Capcom. I would absolutely love to see a new Zelda set in either Holodrum, Labrynna, or better yet both of them. I’m not even sure if Nintendo would have the rights to do that without consent from Capcom. To be fair, though, they were amazing at making games, especially for Nintendo’s handhelds.

    1. umm… yes, nintendo has all the rights to zelda. IIRC most of the team that made the capcom zeldas are at nintendo working on zelda, so it makes no difference.

      1. The listed developers on Wikipedia are Capcom and Flagship. Apparently, Flagship was an independent team that mostly developed for Capcom, and according to their Wikipedia article, Capcom announced their disbandment in 2007, and then the employees were merged with Capcom’s main studio. It’s obvious that Nintendo has the rights to the Zelda series, but who knows what deals they struck back then for those particular games?

        Either case, my main point was that they almost definitely won’t work on any sequels or remakes. They were more so Capcom’s babies, after all, and I don’t see why Nintendo devs would feel inclined to do work on games directly related to the Oracle games or Minish Cap. Oh, well, one can hope!

        1. You know Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild’s director? Yeah, he used to be from Flagship/Capcom. Wouldn’t say everybody, but they went to Nintendo.
          The deals are fine, they re-released the Oracle games and Minish Cap already. I just don’t feel as if it’s high on their priority to remake when you got Zelda II, Link’s Awakening, Skyward Sword…

    2. Yes. Nintendo can do what they please with the games Capcom made. They have no legal rights to stop them. Just like Microsoft, who owns Rare, can’t stop Nintendo from doing anything they want with the Donkey Kong Country games Rare made. The only thing stopping Diddy Kong Racing from getting rereleased is the fact many of Rare’s characters are in said game which Microsoft does own. (If only Nintendo bought Rare & it’s IPs before Microsoft bought 51% of the bloody company.)

      1. Tha past is done. The present is both companies have took their path.

        The future will be this… Phil Spencer will give to Nintendo Banjo Kazooie.

  4. But, yaaaay, freaking Revelations 1 and 2 are coming instead of MvC:I and Resident Evil 7….
    Why would they want to release a game that is not 50 years old on the Switch, right?

    1. RE7 got stale and MvC:I is predictably gimped. No X-Men? WTF? MvC2 remaster or enhanced port for Switch please? Why…because X-Men and both of my personal favorites: Spider-Man and Venom are in it.

        1. It only SHIPPED up to 4 million at this point and didn’t clarify how many were sold, that’s below RE6’s 4.9 million in its first year and that’s not good. Had it been ported to Switch, I can guarantee that it’ll surpass RE6 sales easily before its first year on the market.

          1. (over) 4 million is good for the kind of game, even though you see indies/etc doing the same thing and it’s a popular thing, like Amnesia – it wasn’t going to sell like RE6 because that’s what people buy. I’m glad they did take the risk. As long as it turns in a profit, it’s fine. I didn’t want another RE6 for the love of God. That shit sucked hard.

            1. That’s because Crapcom wants to set a high standard that it destroyed many times before. 4 million TOTAL in shipped copies of RE7 so far but not sold is embarrassing, worse than RE6 by far and I kind enjoy that game despite its ridiculous shit that eclipse Michael Bay’s level of BS. lol

        2. Also, RE7 did get stale. Only good for one playthrough and up til now, RE7 horror segments are pretty much predictable so it’s almost no longer scary to new players right now. Plus, no Mercenaries Mode is a drag, not even Raid Mode is present to increase replayability.

          1. it’s awesome. and it’s only a horror game in the first half, in the second one it’s pretty much RE4 lol.

  5. So even though Street Fighter was way too expensive it still set the charts on fire? Good to know. Now can you stop taking Switch owners for a ride and put games on the system without these stupid catches involved with them?

  6. My wishlist from Capcom? How about EVERY Mega Man game from main series and the spinoffs. Especially Legends 1, 2, and a newly made 3, with the first two remade with better graphics and controls. Monster Hunter XX released stateside. Disney Afternoon on the one system it really should have been on in the first place. And finally, my last wish from Capcom, sell Mega Man to Nintendo.

  7. Monster Hunter XX would do even better if they’d release it outside of Japan.

  8. Then how about Ultra Street Fighter Alpha (Sakura, Dan, Rose, Charlie, Adon, Birdie, Gen, Guy, Sodom, Rolento, Karin, R. Mika, Cody, Juli, Juni, Eagle, Maki, and Ingrid)

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