Nintendo Switch

Europe: DOOM Now Available For Pre-Purchase From Nintendo Switch eShop

Good news for DOOM fans in Europe as you can now pre-purchase the violent action shooter from ID Software and Bethesda from the Nintendo Switch eShop. You will want to download this ahead of time as the download clocks in at 21.3GB. The game is available to play midnight on November 10th.



  1. If this is the true size of the game then that means the single player is only 12GB since they’ve already confirmed the download for online multiplayer for physical is 9GB. I’m actually pretty impressed. This is a game that was like 100GB on PS4/XBO and it doesn’t look that much worse.

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      1. Did I ask for this? No so I won’t. And I fucking bet the day they decide to port a DECENT game like Watchdogs 2, Rockstar would’ve already announced GTA5 Switch port and by then, it’s too late.


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