Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco Ramping Up Development For Switch Due To Its Success

Acclaimed developer and publisher Bandai Namco is currently increasing developer resources to the Nintendo Switch due to the platform’s huge success. The company says that it potentially would like all its franchises to make an appearance on the system.



      1. ………
        ?Dragonball Fighter Z
        ?Dragonball Z Fighter
        ?Dragon Z- Fighter Ball
        ?Z- Ball Fighting a Dragon. I don’t give a damn if its named
        ?ZZ TOP!!
        Bring that bad mo-fo to SWITCH in 2018!! Lmfao

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    1. i can agree with you on EA and kinda agree with you on Capcom but Nintendo is better off without EA, Capcom on the other hand needs Nintendo and since we are getting a 3rd re-release of RE:R and and new release of RE:R2 i am both happy and sad, sad because we are not getting more Capcom games for this year but happy that we might get even more next year. anyways i do hope for a Dark Souls Trilogy along with Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Smash Bros would be nice and if it were to have a Switch port then it should have all modes from both the 3DS and Wii U plus all DLC.


      1. I have beaten the first one four or five times, the second one 2 times and I have been waiting with DS 3 because I am hoping for a Switch port. Dark Souls 1 is one of my favourite games ever. I will definitely play it again a few times in this lifetime so yeah… I would say that I’m ready :)


  1. At least we have another ally pledging to the Switch’s success. Fuck Crapcom, fuck EA especially, fuck Konami, fuck Ubisuck, fuck Asstivision and fuck 2KKK.

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  2. Ok Namco Bandai we appreciate your new focus for the Switch but in order to make amends with us we need the following games……….

    Tekken 7
    Dragon Ball FightersZ
    Dark Souls Trilogy
    Code Vein

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