Here’s The Results From The Kirby Copy Ability Poll

You may remember that Nintendo recently quizzed its fans to find out which of Kirby‘s many abilities were their favourite. Well, the results are now in from all regions and they are an interesting mix. Check out the results from then extensive poll below:


North America:

1. Mirror
2. Yo-Yo
3. Sleep
4. Animal
5. ESP


1. Sword
2. Mirror
3. UFO
4. Sleep
5. Ghost


1. Sleep
2. Yo-Yo
3. Plasma
4. Mirror
5. UFO

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      1. That’s maskmetanight4 channel he’s a friend of mines, also mirror ability imo is kinda like using a shield any tiype of way since when you split your self you can’t get hurt

  1. SLEEP!?

    What the hell is sleep going to do, make your opponents quit the match because of how useless that power-up is?

    I’m very curious how they’re going to make an ability that literally does nothing other than leave you vulnerable to work in a fighting game.

    1. If you read the text then above above the poll, I am sure they mentioned something about chances of the winner getting into the game.

      1. I am not sure of what happened to me while I was typing…. but you got it what I meant to type lmao.

    2. I own the game and none the abilities on the poll are in there it’s just standard abilities from Kirby fighters along with tornado, ice, doctor and some three other playable characters (dreamland crew)

  2. I voted the Mirror, my second favorite, because Smash was not available…. but I didn’t know it was that popular!
    I like that power primary because it looked op as hell in Right Back at Ya!…. I wonder if that’s the case with most people now.

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