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DOOM Now Available For Nintendo Switch Worldwide

Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced that the critically acclaimed first-person shooter, DOOM®, is available now for Nintendo Switch. The iconic game that defined a genre and is considered one of the most influential games ever made, returns as a brutally fun and challenging modern-day shooter that can be taken anywhere with Nintendo Switch.

“We’re excited to welcome Nintendo fans back to the world of DOOM,” said Marty Stratton, executive producer at id Software. “This game is all about powerful guns, crazy demons, and fast, relentless gameplay, which we think Switch players will really enjoy.”

Developed by id Software in conjunction with Panic Button, DOOM on Nintendo Switch includes the award-winning 2016 first-person shooter plus all of the game’s multiplayer DLC and Arcade Mode. For more information, visit

To view the launch trailer, visit

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      1. I’m a Sony & Nintendo guy now who buys a good majority of his games on a PS4 these days & Quadraxis won’t be destroying me because I’m still a Nintendo born gamer & Nintendo consumer, so you should be fine.

  1. This game should sell so rapidly judging from the positive vibes from Nintendo fans.
    I hope Skyrim and Wolfwnstein do well too… I’m very pleased by the efforts of Bethesda.

    1. I hope so too and I’m sure it’ll do great. Everybody, by that, I mean Sony-Pony/Xbots wanna discredit this port over 720p (for Xbots, that’s hilariously ironic of them given the fact that all it did was 800p AT BEST) But fuck that. PORTABLE DOOM FTW! Rip demons in half while talking a shit is a wet dream. Wait until Switch gets GTA5…

  2. 40 min mandatory update download… me no likey.
    I thought the single player campaign was going to be ready to play out of the box.

      1. I saw the 40 min update, decided to pass, game notifies “restart to update”, and now I’ll wait…
        I’m not sure if the game would have let me play if I was offline, but if you have internet connection, it is forcing you to download.

    1. Yep, I just noticed the same thing. Like you said, if you’re connected to the internet it’s forcing you to download so now I’m just waiting. Watching my wife figure out the Lost World level in Odyssey in the meantime, lol. Not so bad. Kind of annoying, though. Thought multiplayer was optional.

      1. Still 10 minutes to go. This wait is killing me! Haven’t played DOOM since the original on PC so many years ago.

    2. Got the game today. Having read your post I declined the update and played it out of the box just fine.

      Having started the update though, I tried launching the game, and it got stuck in an infinite loop of telling me to update. A simple beginner’s mistake in how they do that check, as the button to skip for now is supposed to do just that. It’s too late for them to sort it now.

      For the benefit of others;
      Safest approach should be to activate flight mode in handheld mode, launch the game then once you reach the main menu disable flight mode and dock the Switch. If you mess it up just delete the update data and/or reboot.

      1. I don’t really mind the update, I tried couple rounds of multiplayer and it was fun.
        At the time I just wanted a quick game before I started making dinner.
        But its good to know that the game will work without the update, too bad they lumped all the fixes with MP update as well.

      1. I’m waiting for a Switch bundle that has a custom Switch console. Even though the Odyssey bundle has exclusive accessories, the Switch console it comes with is plain (vanilla).
        My WiiU is the Wind Waker edition with a custom design, so I’m hoping Nintendo comes up with a Switch bundle that has a special design, too.

  3. Yea, the update is about 30min. I didn’t try to ignore it. I let it update and sure enough it was the multiplayer. Game is amazing btw.

  4. The download is skippable! Take your switch in handheld mode, turn on aeroplane mode, start the campaign. After that you can turn your aeroplane mode off and the download will continue in the background while you play.

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