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Super Mario Odyssey Crossover Items For Super Mario Run Now Available

Mario in Super Mario Run for iOS and Android devices

In the wake of the launch of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has added new content to its mobile game Super Mario Run. First up is a statue of Nintendo’s mascot wearing his wedding outfit. The time-released items also include the Odyssey versions of  Pauline, Bowser and Peach. Take a look at the release schedule below to make sure you don’t miss any!



4 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey Crossover Items For Super Mario Run Now Available”

  1. Well TECHNICALLY they’re Super Mario characters so it’s not exactly a crossover per se.

    I mean I guess the fact that it has content from other games may count as a crossover but when I think of the word “crossover,” I think of stuff that’s from another game series entirely. Like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Metroid, Star Fox etc. Anything that isn’t Super Mario related as long as it’s either a Nintendo Exclusive or something from the Third Party as long as it’s been on a Nintendo console.

    I mean take Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for example, now THAT’S a crossover! Granted it was a crossover nobody knew they wanted, but it lives up to the very definition of the word.

  2. I should have paid attention to the dates on this article when I first saw it, I think I missed out on one item. Thereafter, I started getting notifications on my phone each time there was something new.

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