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Digital Foundry Take On DOOM On Nintendo Switch

DOOM is available right now worldwide and the team over at Digital Foundry have put the fast paced shooter through its paces. The team said that it’s an incredible technical achievement getting DOOM up and running on the Nintendo Switch, but there are a few compromises as expected. Here’s the details thanks to Reset Era member, ok.

  • 600p~ish
  • 720p~ish when nothing is happening in certain areas
  • 360p~ alpha + DOF
  • 30fps with framepacing issues
  • still a huge technical achievement



    1. Yes that’s something I noticed too. I went into it knowing it wouldn’t look stunning or anything but it was still below my expectation. Either way I’m happy because I can play this really fun game on my Nintendo system and not have to buy something else.

  1. I play Wii games from time to time still and while at first my eyes are a little shocked with the lower res, it’s something that’s completely forgotten once I actually start playing and just doesn’t matter. Same with Doom. Today we are used to high res in everything we do so going back to lower res feels off. I’m old school though. I remember playing NES on a blurry CRT tv so anything 480p and higher is a real treat for my gaming eyes 😋

    1. eh I played some Wii games on my 4K tv and my god the ailising was HORRIBLE. Im fine with the res but the ailising is so fucking noticable on my 4K tv. lol Had to lower the systems internal native resolution to make the ailising softer. lol Made Skyward Sword hard to enjoy than previously. :P If I had my old HD 1080p tv then it wuldnt b much of an issue. lol

      1. Lol it’s funny cuz the game I had in mind was Skyward Sword cuz I was playing that recently. It’s true going from even Wii U games back to Wii games is a little hard to get used to, it usually doesn’t take me long to just forget about it and just get immersed. It’s funny though cuz then my wife walks in and asks “why you playing this blurry game?” Lol

  2. Having bought the PS4 version first, playing the Switch version was a little jarring at first. But once realizing that none of the actual gameplay has been compromised, I stopped caring about the muddy visuals and just had a blast playing Doom once again.

  3. Think I’ll be playing this one mainly in handheld. I was watching this video and honestly the differences in the side by side were tough to see when the image was moving. Thought something was wrong with me until I was reminded that I’m watching this on a 5” phone.

    1. You’ll know you reeeeaaally want it when you start playing it. I’m having a blast playing tv mode and handheld mode with earphones plugged in!

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