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Rumour: Reddit Member Spills The Beans On Upcoming Nintendo Switch Titles?

A huge leak may have just emerged on Reddit as member DasVergeben could have just spilled the beans on a number of upcoming video games. As always these kinds of posts should be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s certainly worth a read:

  • A Switch port of Dragon Ball FighterZ is in the works and will likely come out in Fall/Winter 2018.
  • Soul Calibur VI is in development for Nintendo Switch (alongside PS4 and PC). Link would return as a guest character on the Switch version.
  • There has been pressure towards Game Freak to get Pokemon’s 8th Generation out in hopes of a release next year. If you recall Pokemon Stars, that is (or was) real, but all it was was a Sun and Moon port to the Switch, used as an engine test tech demo thing.
  • Metroid Prime 4 should have something revealed with some in-game footage early next year from what I’ve heard. I’m hearing that Direct in January particularly. Bandai Namco is developing the game for Nintendo. I don’t know which development studio.
  • There is some kind of new Animal Crossing that they hope to release next year too.
  • The Switch’s Virtual Console will not be like how it currently is known to be like. There is some kind of a subscription service of sorts in the works.
  • Mother 3 is real. According to my source, it was completely localized and playable. The sad thing that I’ve heard is that it is being held back for some reason, which all I know has something to do with not knowing which month to release it in.
  • According to one of my sources, they claim that Square Enix is doing The World Ends With You 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Blizzard is preparing a Hearthstone port for the Switch. I’m not sure when this will be announced due to the phrasing, but I heard about this when I went to Blizzcon.



Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the tip!


  1. “Mother 3 is real”

    I’ve heard this many times before, but will it actually happen this time?

    Probably not, though I’d like it to be real :P

    1. I’m fairly certain it’s always been real. It was leaked by several reputable sources. Maybe now we’ll finally see its release.

      1. You should play Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire on 3DS, they have the definitive version of Emerald on it. It’s easily the superior version of Emerald.

    1. Animal Crossing the most! :D
      I stand by my theory that the mainline game was in development around the time of “Amiibo Festival”. I can feel it’s presence getting closer!

  2. A lot of rumors end up being nothing more than wish fulfillment wank, but after Bandai Namco’s statements about the Switch I can at least believe SoulCalibur VI and Dragon Ball FighterZ. It seems this leaker has some credibility though, so some of this stuff may very well come to fruition. Nintendo is going all out trying to win people back after all.

  3. If true, Metroid Prime 4 would join the Donkey Kongas, Star Fox Assault, Smash 4, and the Mario Kart Arcade titles as games of Nintendo’s own IP that Bandai Namco has made or helped with.
    As long as it does the original trilogy justice I don’t care who makes it.

      1. I agree, I was hoping retro would’ve been working on this for ages by now, but if not whoever is responsible for prime 4 has got a hellever weight on their shoulders. This needs to be MIND BLOWING !!

      2. Actually, we know for a fact that Retro isn’t working on MP4. Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by a brand new internal team within Nintendo. Good news is, it’s being led by the same producer as the previous games Kensuke Tanabe. That’s a major reason this leak is hard to take seriously.

  4. I am seriously hoping the Animal Crossing part is true, being as ACNL is really old at this point. Like isn’t the game like five years old? So I think we are OVERDUE for a new installment in the franchise. And I believe the Switch would be the best console to sell the game for. I would SO pre-order instantly, or at least pre-purchase the game, because I am that much of an Animal Crossing fangirl!

    1. I’m hoping so too. Hopefully with a bigger village map (or maybe selectable map sizes), character customization like the mobile game, more minigames (like the Island Escape and Puzzle league) and lots of alternate areas to visit.
      As for that last one, imagine having a giant cave system you can gain access too, a couple of different islands, maybe even a forest to explore. Of course, if I was making this game I would make it take months to unlock everything. It would help keep the game fresh.

    2. @Natsumi,
      If you calculate how long it’s been since a major console version of Animal Crossing, it’s REALLY crazy. Last one was City Folk/Lets Go To The City on Wii. Nintendo should never pass on releasing a major console version of a game just because they release a handheld version. People who never played New Leaf is probably going NUTS waiting for a new one.

      1. It’s code for the pokemon halo crossover is going to release in the next 2 weeks, just trust me… It’s a leak not a rumor even though it is a rumor I will say it’s a leak to make my article sound better.

      2. Just to be clear I’m making fun not of My Nintendo but of how everyone calls these school yard rumors leaks…

  5. The Virtual Console being a subscription service is odd (I hope it isn’t real) after all Nintendo said that the classic games you get by subscription and the VC were separate things.

  6. I will take back all the horrible things I said about Square Enix if they are planning to make a “World Ends with You” sequel exclusively for the Switch, but it better be released as a physical port as well, I didn’t make all of that damn space on my gaming shelf for nothing!

    1. Yeah. We’d hate for you & the others to continue trash talking Square Enix over one little game (FFXV) not coming to the Switch any time soon when they still got 10 other games from them that are coming to Switch. (11 if this is true.)

  7. “According to one of my sources, they claim that Square Enix is doing The World Ends With You 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.”

    HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. Screw KH3, THIS will force me to get a Switch.

    1. I have the first one but I haven’t been able to get myself to play it for long. Somehow, I don’t see the appeal but everyone says it’s so good so I also can’t delete the Rom either.

  8. Link? This is not 2002 anymore, Fire Emblem characters would fit SC so much better…. but not guys like Marth and Roy, I mean good characters.
    Bandai Namco making Metroid Prime? Wtfwhy? Is this going to be another M of sorts?
    Oh yeeeeah, the card game, thanks for the support, Blizzard!

    Hopefully that’s just a troll on Reddit…. I’d rather have MP done by someone with experience on anything remotely MP style of game than have all the actual good “news” in the post.

    1. Yeah… I’d like to see Ike and Barst In SC… That would be lit .

      But more than anything, I could sell my belongings to see Nintendo do a HD remake of Pandora’s tower

    1. I think they decided to go with a full upgrade like Splatoon 2 did. Plus, if they are adding characters it does take a while, if you remember the time between Mewtwo’s announcement and release.

  9. All of this sounds perfectly reasonable and in line with their current strategies, which could be just as much evidence that this is true as it could be someone’s just BSing. They trusted Bandai Namco with Smash 4 and that paid off. TWEWY2 would be a very reasonable title for a Switch exclusive from SquareEnix. Hearthstone has been talked about for a while and is the most logical way for Blizzard to hit the Switch. We know Nintendo is focused on a “regular cadence of releases” to avoid droughts and stay in the conversation: after Xenoblade, we’ve had 9 major titles in 9 months.

    Expect two big flagship titles, and they need one for next Christmas: Fire Emblem and Pokemon (the Christmas release). We have Yoshi and Kirby. Animal Crossing has all but been confirmed. Pikmin 4 has been rumored for a while. That’d be 6 major releases probably spaced out every other month. They’ll supplement with some new IP they’ve hinted at and maybe some ports (Smash, Mario Maker, Mother). VC release will be used to fill the early gap we’re seeing in 2018. No More Heroes is in there. Metroid will be one of the 2019 flagships. Suddenly it looks very easy for them to maintain 1 major release a month for a second year straight. And that still leaves plenty in the back catalog for 2019 (Donkey Kong, Mario Sports games, Luigi’s Mansion 3, a 2D Mario, F-Zero, Paper Mario/M&L title, Captain Toad 2, Mario Party, Wario Ware, Star Fox etc).

    Nintendo isn’t going to live or die by third party support this generation. At least in the first two years, they’ve got a major first party line up, carefully scheduled to avoid release gaps. They seem to have enough studios to keep it up. Indie support is there, they’ve woo’d their old handheld exclusive partners for the Switch, and I honestly think they’ve prepared to get minimal cross platform support this time around. You can’t plan a hybrid system, especially after what happened last gen, and not have a plan in place to get by without cross platform support.

  10. This is the same guy who leaked a bunch of other stuff from other companies in the same leak (this is only part of it) saying “Yeah, I know guys from the companies”. And just going off the BS from that stuff (as well as Mother 3) this is completely fake.

    1. After the backlash they received from Amiibo Festival they’d have to be stupid not to release a mainline game before another spin off. Though it’s Nintendo, so you never really know.

      1. But the first to spinoffs did horrible I doubt they make that mistake again it’s animal crossing series they even know there spinoff titles didn’t do well

    1. I’ve always related the isolation in Prime games to Dark Souls. I felt they could use a bit more difficulty and high stakes encounters with Space Pirates. I hope this happens. It would be a much darker and more isolated journey for Samus and I’d really want to see that to wash off other M and Federation force from my mind.

  11. Mother 3? TWEWY 2? Man, I would love these to be true but I find some of these rumors somewhat hard to believe.

  12. I want Pokemon and I want Mario Maker too. Surely Maker, given its huge success on the Wii U and successful port to the 3DS, is a gimmie for the Switch?

    1. While it is doable, the fact that the game was touchpad required on the two systems would make TV mode tough to use.. That might hold the game from being released. Or with the shutting down of Miiverse, they may be waiting for the paid subscription thing before releasing another game that is so online intensive.

  13. Knowing what I know, I could have made up these rumors and they could be believable to a point until of course the truth comes out and, all these rumours are wrong.

    Ah well as always I’ll just wait for official statements from Nintendo cuz last time I fell for rumours I was waiting on Smash 4 with all DLC on Switch…

  14. I was prepared to say “once again, nothing I care about”. But then I read Animal Crossing and Mother 3, and my face was like (O _ O)

    The sad thing about Mother 3 is that it’s the final game in the Mother series. A series that should have have never had a final game. It should have continued on.

    1. The creator of Mother had a story he wanted to tell. Mother 3 is the end of that story. The end.

  15. If the rumor about Animal Crossing happens to be true, I hope it’s a mainline, and I hope it receives the Switch treatment by being quite different from its predecessors. If taken in a somewhat different direction, and having a lot of gameplay elements expanded upon, it could be a huge boost to the series. At least for me. Animal Crossing is otherwise the kind of series that very much doesn’t need frequent sequels, since they all play so similarly and can take years to complete if played legitimately.

  16. The thing about the leak that gets me saying “fake” is the Namco Bandai part.

    We know 100%, as in confirmed by Nintendo themselves, that Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by a brand new INTERNAL team with Kensuke Tanabe producing the game. Namco Bandai is not an internal team. They may be helping with it, however.

  17. “Square Enix is doing The World Ends With You 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.” MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!

  18. Metroid is the only game there for me worth caring about lol… Just make it like the prime games and don’t make Samus speak and they have done it lol

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