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Digital Foundry Tackle Skyrim On Nintendo Switch

Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch launches tomorrow and our review for the extensive RPG has already gone live. However, if you are interested in the performance of the title on the Nintendo Switch then you will want to check out the latest video by the tech enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry. Here’s a quick roundup of what was discovered thanks to ResetEra member, Spider-Man:

  • Solid 30fps
  • Draw distance is the only graphical setting reduced in portable mode
  • Volumetric lighting is not in this version
  • 720p (with dynamic res) portable
  • 900p docked



      1. I’m probably not gonna ask how when Skyrim is a bigger sandbox with more variety than Doom but whatever. Hopefully an update will change that. But I’m happy to hear that this Skyrim port is solid unlike Rocket League for some fucking reason is worse than Sonic Forces gutting 60FPS from Switch even though it looks graphically sound enough.

      2. @thestrangablog This shuld b basic knowledge for the average gamer. Skyrim is a 2011 game tht got remastered visuals and technical upgrades, it still barely requires much to run the game. A Wii U can run the remaster at its lowest settings. Doom 2016 is a game built and released on 2016 with the id tech 6, a game engine tht is for higher end hardware than Skyrim remaster. But the engine is optimized to run on low end systems pretty well and uses vulkan api. Doom on Switch runs on settings tht is one tic lower than the PC ver. lowest settings, adaptive res between 540p-720p, runs at 30fps with frequent dips in performance the higher the difficulty. (bc enemy count increases the higher the difficulty) Now a game like Witcher 3, Watch_Dogs 2, etc. are pretty recent open world games. (fyi Skyrim isnt sand box, its open world. Mario Odyssey is a sandbox game) Games like those wont b able to run due to mostly the Switchs low Vram, RAM, and CPU power. Game engines define how well the game performs on a console.

    1. What are you talking about? RL has an incredibly solid 60FPS that RARELY goes under, and I have 6 hours playing it so far. As for Doom, I only encounter 4 locations where I felt FPS drops in the campaign, and 3 of those spots were the Argent Energy Tower, the last one being in the Necropolis. I also played on Ultra Violent(Very hard).

      Sir, you really should get a PC if you expect 1080P/60FPS all the time, personally, I take my rock solid 30FPS 600p portable Doom any day, is an incredible port you like it or not, also is not 6 years old like Skyrim, reason Skyrim is a better port obviously, but w/e, support 6 years old games, I am sure that will bring new incoming games to the Switch unlike supporting Doom would?

        1. Skyrim Switch looks more like the 2011 version, and much of the game is still based on the 2011 even on the 2016 release. Doom uses a lot more polygons on the models it seems.

    1. Vanilla Skyrim??? DF already confirmed that the Switch version of Skyrim is the remastered version. For it’s form factor, the Switch is a far more capable gaming device than what most people give it credit for

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