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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Will Be Getting Poke Bank Support Later This Month

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon have finally been released today and no doubt many of you are playing the latest Pokemon title right now. Pokemon fan-site Serebii is reporting that the game will be getting Poke Bank support sometime later this month which will no doubt please some fans.



    It’s always complete silence whenever I ask this question. Did I make a mistake in getting and playing through the game last year? Did I waste my money!?

    1. Don’t be a retard. If you don’t know by now that you will never have the previous pokemon game patched to make it the new one… well… I feel sorry for you. If you feel that you wasted your money at this point….. tough.

      1. because thats literally a completely different developer. they never offered patches for new content in older games within the same generations before, they wont do it now. If you bought sun and moon last year, you literally bought an unfinished product. EA gets kicked up the ass for horrendous business practices, but its “literally okay when nintendo does it.” unbelievable and completely not worth giving gamefreak more money.

      2. My point still stands, why would you EXPECT them to do that if they’ve never done it before? Yeah, it would be nice, and yeah, I’d actually prefer that.

        But that’s still no reason to go into buying the original games expecting them to get a patch later, and then regretting your purchase when they don’t. That’s no one’s fault but your own.

        1. Well enjoy waiting because Game Freak aren’t going to patch the older games. If you want those new Pokemon, you better be ready to upgrade to the new games eventually like, I assume, you’ve done in the past before with the Pokemon franchise. That or wait til the Pokemon games on Switch & trade with people willing to give up their Pokemon that are exclusive to US/UM.

  2. PokeBank should be a thing for US/UM by the time I get them. I got a level 1 Zorua I want to be a permanent member of my team, so I can evolve it into Zoroark.

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