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Win A Custom Skyrim Nintendo Switch Or PlayStation 4 Pro Thanks To Bethesda

Bethesda has announced the ultimate giveaway on Twitter for Skyrim fans. Followers of the company on the social media platform have the chance to win either a custom Skyrim themed PlayStation 4 Pro or a Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is retweet the tweet and state which platform you would like to play Skyrim on next. Easy stuff!


        1. Ubisoft isn’t stupid…*looks at dozens of false ads of “next gen” games with obvious downgrades and remembers completed Rayman Legends delayed from Wii U for PS3/XB360 to launch it with GTA5…* Yeah and I’m God.

          1. Mario+Rabbids it’s a good game personally.

            About Rayman Legends I think I’ll pass that game. They ported it so many times and personally I’m not so interested on that game for now. There are several games that are new and fresh.

        1. I remember that one game nobody asked for, one that’s still on the fucking Wii…and one is clearly not the definitive version while being a reminder of what a dick Ubisoft is towards Nintendo fans.

    1. I am a Nintendo fan and I can say that the Wii U support is very poor. Only Ubisoft believed on the system but the rest of the companys no.

      To me the Nintendo Switch showed the loved from the other companies to Nintendo.

      I’m still waiting to see Blizzard supporting Nintendo.

      1. Blizzard is a joke now. To play any of their games you have to be logged into their stupid website. The company that made StarCraft and Warcraft 3 and even the vanilla WoW is gone. The blizzard of today only cares about getting subscribers to their website and making stupid online only experiences… I hope Blizzard keeps their bullshit as far from the Switch as possible.

  1. I already have both consoles, and I don’t use Twitter.

    And even if I entered, what are my chances of winning? I’d probably have better odds getting struck by lightning.

  2. Damn it! I refuse to use Twitter so no chance at a free PS4 Pro for me… (Not that I’d win, anyway. Like gamemanic7509 said, I got a better chance at meeting a lightning bolt & getting instantly KO’d than winning some raffle!)

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