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Japan: It’s Fall And The Nintendo Switch Continues To Sell Out

We know from the Media Create charts which are published every Wednesday that the Nintendo Switch is performing extremely well in Japan. It’s constantly out-selling the other platforms on the market and doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of slowing down. Kotaku has just published an article delving further into Japanese sales of the consoles and as Christmas approaches it seems as though consumers are having a hard job getting hold of a system. Multiple large retailers are placing sold out stickers on displays and once shipments are sent in they’re snapped up by eager consumers. Check out the post here. 


  1. ||When the gaming world starts to settle, Nintendo throws some games at it and believe me, we are winding up…||

    ||After all, there is no room, for the Xbots…||

    1. I cant wait to finally leave Xbox in the loft, and will fight in Smash bros. But Grunty wont go soft.

      Maybe Bowser and I can tag team in a 3D game
      with Banjo, the bird with Mario whos games are never the same.

  2. does this mean that the people who bought the Nintendo Switch are Not liking the console just because how the games look like memory cards for the computer or how long the games load.

  3. I hope the XboxOneX fails, not so much because Of the Xbot disease which is definitely a problem, but more so because we need to eliminate the idea that we need mid gen upgrades. Meanwhile Nintendo shows that it doesn’t matter what resolution your entry level PC in a box displays, if you don’t have games, you’re nothing more than an overpriced paper weight .

    1. I doubt the X-Box One X (X-B.O.X… :o Hah! Clever, Microsoft. Very clever!) failing will eliminate that idea as I think the Xbox One S & PS4 Pro are doing okay in sales.

      1. The Xbox one S is just a slim Xbox one with no enhancements isn’t it ? The Pro is doing well however, or well enough for them to consider doing it again next gen so if I get a PS5 it’ll be after they upgrade, but I really don’t want to support the idea of mid gen upgrades. It’s why I get consoles so I don’t have to worry about upgrading so if it becomes the norm, I just might have to join the “master race” lol

        1. “While the original Xbox One offered a blu-ray player, it did not support 4K discs. One of the major differences between the Xbox One and Xbox One S is 4K content and, more importantly, the 4K upscaling of games, as well as HDR-support for compatible TVs.” Quote from Google when I searched for the difference between Xbox One & Xbox One S. Basically just a 4K & HDR Xbox One. Xbox One X is more of PS4 Pro’s counterpart since both not only do 4K & HDR but a boost in power, yada, yada, yada. (Of course, the difference being Xbox One X is, as it would seem, 100 bucks more powerful than PS4 Pro. They honestly should have kept the name Scorpio, removed One, & called it the Xbox Scorpio, marketing it as a next gen system that is backwards compatible with Xbox One games. But… *uses a video for this next part*)

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