Nintendo Pokemon

Nintendo NY Store Carrying On Pokemon Launch Weekend With Giveaways And Prizes

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon launched yesterday worldwide and no doubt many of you are playing it right now and thoroughly enjoying it. Nintendo NY has announced on Twitter that its carrying on the launch weekend with a number of prizes and giveaways for Nintendo fans. This will happen between 12-4pm today.



    1. This would be far more meaningful if there were Nintendo Stores across the world instead of just one, albeit fucking huge, city. (Instead of making more stores, they ditched the World part of the name then changed it to New York (or NY) to put an end to the “but why call it Nintendo World Store if it’s only in one location?” And some people wonder why some of us use the word cheap to describe Nintendo. Oh I wonder why!)

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      1. ||This is also irrelevant to anyone living in that human city as this store is only for core Nintendites, meaning employees only…||


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