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Rumour: Game Freak Are Looking To Do Something ‘Disruptive’ With Next Pokemon Game

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have just be released but all eyes are now on the next project from Game Freak, the developers behind the Pokemon franchise. On a recent Easy Allies podcast it was mentioned that they had heard something about the company’s plans for the next game and it’s apparently set to be disruptive, like Nintendo did with the incredible The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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    1. ||A good possibility yes with a style similar to Project Octopath to really make it grand…||

  1. And by disruptive, you mean provocative and polarizing.

    Like not letting people bring over their Pokemon from past generations, or throwing away even more of the franchise’s iconic conventions. You already killed cross-gen evos/prevos, you killed the gym leaders, you killed the Hall of Fame.

    Give me a reason to give you guys even less money.

    1. I think getting rid of the national dex was the worst of it, just give the shiny charm to us when the regional dex is completed if it’s such a huge issue. I know bank has that feature, but it doesn’t feel like an actual dex.

      1. What they should have done was keep the national dex, but bring over pre-trained who have memories of evolving and add dex entries of their previous forms, so you have to catch the same pokemon all over again, and evolve/breed them. What do you even do with those extras.

      2. What’s even worse is that they’re including it in US/UM, meaning they easily could have implemented it in S/M but chose to leave it out to try to pitch it as an “additional feature” in US/UM.

        That’s not an additional feature, that’s a basic feature that’s been in every Pokemon game since the series’ inception that they took out to try to get more people to buy Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Game Freak’s business practices are ridiculous as of late.

    2. So I haven’t played since X/Y and I didn’t realize they cut out gym leaders. That does seem to be cutting out the heart of the game. That said, Pokemon has been such a stagnant, conservative series, partially because of smaller jumps in hardware power from being on a handheld, but also because the company has been afraid to take risks. The jump from 3DS to the Switch is the biggest hardware jump that they’ve had a chance to take advantage of. They SHOULD do something with that power and finally give us something new.

      Having played since my mom brought me home Red and I was waking up before school to watch the show, the original Pokemon are where my nostalgia is. I’ve never had a connection with any new generation and I would love to see something like a reboot/remaster of the first gen that takes full advantage of the Switch. Don’t connect to the 3DS bank, start the Switch over fresh. Stick with the first gen to tap into a lot of folk in my age group returning to Nintendo with Pokemon Go, Switch, NES/SNES Classic. Unless they did something impressive like combine all the regions into a more open world, but I would never get my hopes up for something like that.

      Would people like if they separated out the Pokedex into it’s own app? It might be cool to have the feel of a physical, separate Pokedex in your hand and it could easily update on the fly just like Splatoon does after matches. That seems like a Nintendoy thing to do right now.

      1. Sounds like a horrible idea from a genwunner. Gen 1 has already been done to death so i don’t want any more limiting to just that.

      2. I assume “genwunner” means there are other’s who feel similarly but are disparaged within the “hardcore” pokemon crowd? I always want to know what group I’m being conveniently labelled and lumped into just to devalue my opinion.

        I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the fun of finding and collecting new sprites with slightly different numbers, I’m saying that Nintendo could easily draw in a lost player base by jumping on the nostalgia train of the 30 somethings that all jumped on board Pokemon Go and the classic console releases. I have a tangible emotional connection to Gen 1 because I spent all that time immersed in the games, show, and cards at just the right age. And what games post-Gen 1 have limited use to Gen 1? The remakes on the advanced are the only ones I can think of. Pokemon GO at launch I guess.

        Like I said, I’d rather they did something like combine all the regions and remove some of the linearity of the series. Let you go to a region of your choice, tackle the gyms of your choice, go on side quests, etc. Put all the Pokemon so far in, fine. But I still think a clean break from the Pokemon bank, current stat system, etc could be healthy for the series. Reboot and rebuild on this new hybrid system.

        1. Forcing some of us to restart our entire Pokemon collection is probably the dumbest thing they could do. I sure as hell won’t be buying another Pokemon game if I’m forced to abandon all 802, soon to be 807, Pokemon I’ve spent the last several years trying to “catch ’em all.”

      3. Kalas, I completely get that. Completing the master pokedex on one great big list has never been something I cared about, but I recognize that there’s lots of different types of gamers, and the collection aspect of Pokemon is basically its hook, even if I haven’t “caught em all” since Gen 1. I’d still prefer to see a complete retooling of how the game works. Whether that’s opening up the world, showing wild pokemon on the world map in some way (when I was a kid, I always wanted Pokemon encounters to be visible on the map like in Lufia 2), replacing the 4 attack system, I dunno. Telling fan’s they would lose those 800 some pokemon they’ve spent years and years collecting is definitely a blow and probably wouldn’t work. But giving people access to all of those limits their options on doing something new.

        I’m personally hoping they really mean it when they say disruptive, because Pokemon is still tied to essentially the same combat system that it had in the 90’s. And maybe people want that, and maybe more people do than don’t. Maybe not. For a series that has been so entrenched in the same mechanics for literally decades, I don’t think they can do something truly “disruptive” without pissing off a core fanbase. But they might bring back folk who haven’t played for a few generations, or haven’t played since Gen 1 or 2. And the kids picking it up for the first time won’t know any different anyways.

        1. I don’t mind all the changes you mention except the reset of people’s PKMN collection. Now if they want to keep people from using their collection by blocking PokeBank for a limited time, I’m okay with that as people will still have their collection but on a temporary standby. I just won’t be collecting any Pokemon other than the ones new to the new Pokemon game.

        2. And I perfectly understand wanting the series to change from it’s archaic attachment to tradition, hence why I love Sun & Moon so much because it was a breath of fresh air.

      1. And no other generation has been announced.

        Also remember when they stopped doing cross-gen evolutions and 100+ new Pokemon “temporarily”?

        1. Neither of those things you listed are series-defining or as important/synonymous as Pokemon gyms. Gyms will be back, because they are part of the Pokemon game formula. Even in Sun and Moon, the series hardly deviated from that idea. Trials were meant to be a change of pace, but even then they didn’t truly get away from that idea. They only deviated slightly.

  2. That’s only to be expected, though, on this level of hardware. Free-range, third person camera would be “disruptive” enough as is for the franchise, and the design work surrounding that. I’m super excited about it. I have so many ideas I’d love to see realized.

  3. I’d like to see them start over. Open world game set in Kanto with the original 151. Then have Pokemon Go style dlc where the generation 2-7 pokemon and regions are added over time.

      1. I want a game where I can actually capture every single pokemon without having to buy several games from different generations just to compile a full pokedex. Starting off with only gen 1 is just a way to control the flow of content.

        1. ||Including all from the start is better if they intend on making it open-world somehow…||

            1. ||But then it will face the same backslash as Splatoon got because of lack of content for months…||

              ||They know what they are doing fortunately, I have absolutely no doubt that it will increase Switch sells by at least 6 million units overall…||

      2. As nice as that sounds, games can’t go on forever, especially when the next system comes around. This is also an excuse plot as to why Ash keep leaving his Pokemon at Oak’s place (and at worst, releases some of them). Hell, Gen II couln’t transfer over to Gen III (cue FRLG, Colosseum/XD, and RBGY VC, followed by GSC VC).

        Also, what would happen to the Pokemon we already caught.

    1. See this is my dream too. Capture the 30 somes rebuying Nintendo and remembering Pokemon again. But apparently I’m just a “Genwunner.”

      Can’t say I love the DLC idea but who hasn’t imagined Pokemon as an MMO or as a third party Skyrimesque adventure. Do an open world with all the regions combined, release them slowly if you have to, but yeah: take advantage of the hardware, do something new and risky for once in the series life. and abandon the Pokemon bank so you’re not tied down to balancing for people having the whole collection or using the same old stats/combat system. It needs a refresh.

      1. I don’t think a feature like that would be balanced with Pokemon. It’d have the same problem Gen 1 had where Speed Pokemon were almost exclusively used.
        I’m thinking maybe something with a little more tactic involved like rotation battles did. Maybe they could make Rotation battles the main battle mode and add double rotation battles where you have 2 wheels of 3 Pokemon.

  4. If it’s a standard type of Pokemon game with a large open world like Breath Of The Wild, it might be enough to get me interested in Pokemon again. I’ve only played one Pokemon game all the way through (Diamond) and thoroughly loved it.

    But when I tried playing the next one after that (I think White), it instantly started feeling like the same thing all over again. So I got bored and never played it again. Yet I still bought White Version 2 (go figure). The one thing I noticed is that I used my starter Pokemon throughout most of the game. I didn’t even care much about the other Pokemon. These games shouldn’t be that way. But, whatever.

  5. A total reset? Meaning I have to start from scratch with my Pokemon collection? Uhm… Fuck that! By all means, though. Do that. I guarantee I’ll treat Pokemon like I treat Paper Mario (dead) & won’t buy another Pokemon game again. Fuck Pokemon & fuck GameFreak if that’s the plan.

    1. Paper Mario is also dead to me, sir, so there’s some common ground. But I haven’t bought the last two versions of Pokemon for reasons you probably keep buying it. We’ll see who ends up buying the Switch version, I guess.

      Also don’t fuck pokemon. I’m sure there’s a 4chan section dedicated to that, but just don’t please.

      1. *laughs at the last sentence* Unless they take on human form, I won’t be doing none of that. xD

      2. Both my sister-in-laws loved Color Splash. I couldn’t get into it, and miss the old rpg mechanics. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I didn’t hate it as much as I hated Sticker Star at least.

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