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US: Team Fantasy Have Won The Splatfest

The latest Splatfest took place over the weekend and the winners have been crowned.  It was Team Fantasy which took the lead over Team Sci-Fi. Both teams fought hard and congratulations to all those who participated, but it was a 2-1 lead for Team Fantasy.



Thanks to Magitroopa for the tip!


  1. Both battle categories cancel each other out exactly. I’d kinda be curious to see which side would take it if it had been with everyone in Solo, and then what the old multiplier would’ve made that against the Popularity. After all these Splatfests it’s still basically what decided this.

  2. I figured fantasy would be more popular, but I thought sci-fi would come out the winner anyway, due to the likelihood of more kids being into fantasy.

    1. I wonder if that’s not true right now with Star Wars being so hot and it being a good while since Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were the big thing. The toy stores are definitely full of sci fi and not much fantasy.

  3. My first SplatFest loss in Splatoon 2! I’m actually pretty surprised, though. This was the first time I won far more matches than I lost, in both Team and Solo. The results are always so weird for these things, lol. Oh well, I really love both Sci-Fi and Fantasy and it was an impossible choice for me, anyway. A couple of the other ones I sorta felt passionate about almost, but this one was just fun.

  4. 1st time Pearl has lost a splatfest. lol I had a hard tim choosing between Sci-fi and Fantasy. It was like Metroid vs Monster Hunter. lol Had to use a Discord 8ball to choose for me, and it chose Sci-fi. :P 1st time I chose Pearls side and I lose yet again. I hav lost every single splatfest in 2. feelsbadman (I will always choose my most favorite and not which squid girl has the longest winning streak :P)

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