Capcom Reveals Their Platinum Franchises List

If you have been wondering how Capcom franchises have performed over the ages then this list should be of interest to you. There are sales figures for the Mega Man franchise along with all the other big budget titles Capcom has produced over the years including Street Fighter and Dead Rising. Here’s the most recent totals for Capcom Platinum Franchises:

Updated Entries
Dead Rising – 11 Million (Was 10 million)
Dragons Dogma – 3.5 Million (Was 3.2 Million)
Ace Attorney – 6.6 Million (Was 6.4 Million)
Marvel Vs Capcom – 8.4 Million (Was 7.5 million)
Resident Evil – 80 Million (Was 78 Million)
Street Fighter – 40 Million (Was 39 Million)
Mega man – 32 Million (Was 31 million)

No Growth
Lost Planet
Sengoku Basara
Monster Hunter
Devil May Cry
Dino Crisis
Breath of Fire
Final Fight
Ghosts’n Goblins




    1. ||The First Order does not take no for an answer, bombard their bases as much as possible with demands…||

      1. Do they? All theyve done with Megaman is re-release old megaman games on fancier packages. The Wii had them, the 3DS had them, and so did the Wii U. So can you honestly say that they only care about Sony and MS when it comes to MM?

  1. Darkstalkers doesn’t even get a mention……

    At least give us a proper complilation on the Switch so we can stop using RetroArch.

      1. They got til November 2K18 to release Mega Man Legends 3 on 3DS. They’re too cheap to do it any other way.

  2. And I STILL want my Mega Man Legends 3!
    Just think, they haven’t released a new Mega Man game in how long? And it is still third on the list! But yet they ignore the franchise. The last new (non collection) game they released was Mega Man vs. Street Fighter and it was a fan made game that they “polished up” and released to the public.

    1. I think we will see Mega Man Legends 3 as 3DS exclusive from January to November of 2K18. They’re too cheap to do it any other way. 70 million 3DS systems, and only 7 million of them are 2DS & 2DS XL. Big install base and only 10% of them can’t use glasses-free 3D.

  3. “No Growth for…
    Lost Planet, because we fucked with a working formula and tried to make it into a RE4 copy!
    Monster Hunter, because we kept the series on mobile, refused to localize MHXX in the west at a time when the Switch needed games and it could have put the franchise a the top when there was nothing to play on the millions of Switches already sold!
    Devil May Cry, because we fucked fucked over the devs, the game itself and tried to rebrand the entire series with DMC!
    Onimusha, because we just gave up on the series as it was picking up momentum in the west due to it not growing as fast as we wanted to!
    Dino Crisis, we just fucked up like we normally do by messing with a working formula and trying to make the game into a totally different genre rather than a survival horror masterpiece like the first one!
    Breath of Fire, we wanted to force players to finish the 5th game by adding a damn time limit to complete the ENTIRE GAME, then we really screwed the fans over by turning it into a mobile shit show afterwards rather than giving the series another well deserved chance!
    Final Fight, because we just like fucking over this franchise for shits and giggles like the ass clowns we at Crapcon clearly are.
    MegaMan, because we hate the fans!
    Asura’s Wrath, because we wanted the fans to pay extra for the true ending by locking it behind a paywall!”
    Did I miss any of CRAPCON’s shitty actions? I’m pretty sure I didn’t name all of their heinous actions.

    1. Here’s another one, they lied about creating a new Darkstalkers game after they told fans that a DS game would be in the works if enough fans bought the digital version of the older re-released DS game on psn, which the fans did buy enough of just to get another DS game! Capcom is one of the worse companies in the world!

    2. I wonder what their reasoning is for not mentioning Okami’s growth on the list.

      My guess it that it didn’t sell that well, which I hope isn’t true because it’s a fantastic game. They’ve never done anything shady with Okami so that’s the only reason I can think of.

  4. 1942 was lit back in the days…. I would love to see it reborn.

    But seeing this list reconfirms to me that capcom and Konami are tied for most unused IPs

  5. Not very useful data when the VAST majority of the “no growth” list haven’t had a proper entry in a minimum of 10+ years. Shoot, they haven’t made just a normal DMC sequel without trying to make a new character the front man since DMC 3 in 2005.

  6. *Clears Throat*
    “Capcom reported that Monster Hunter Generations had exceeded 4.1 million units sold worldwide by September 2016, with sales in Western countries described as “solid”.[47] Monster Hunter XX has sold 1.7 million copies as of April 2017.[48] The Switch version sold 84,377 copies in its first week in Japan, debuting at no 1 in the charts, but only selling 48.9% of its initial shipment.[49][50]”
    This article is straight from the wikipedia page but could easily be very credible. Capcom says Monster Hunter has no growth but MH4,4U, and Generations solid atleast a solid 20 million units combined (rough low-ball estimate). SO Monster Hunter to Have no growth despite the fact you didn’t localize the Switch port and even made MH 3U on the WiiU around its launch window……. but give western audiences nothing but “Wait on MH World” ……. Bad Plays Capcom. Bad Plays

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