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Famitsu: Here’s The Most Wanted Nintendo Games In Japan

Each week Japanese publication Famitsu publishes its readers most wanted video games. This week we’ve got the most wanted Nintendo games and it’s no surprise to see the massive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 top the charts. Here’s the most wanted games this week (Period counted 09 – 15 November)

  1. Xenoblade 2 (Switch) – 419
  2. Persona Q2 (3DS) – 292
  3. Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete (Switch) – 205
  4. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) – 180
  5. Project Octopath Traveler (Switch) – 125
  6. Fire Emblem New Work (Switch) – 117
  7. Yokai Watch Busters 2: Hihou Densetsu Banbaraya (3DS) – below 67
  8. Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch) – below 67


19 thoughts on “Famitsu: Here’s The Most Wanted Nintendo Games In Japan”

  1. It’s unfortunate that Project Octopath is posed to be a big failure.
    I will never understand japanese people, nor I will ever think highly of them.

    1. Because people are more excited for 4 big releases in well established series than a new game that they’ve never played and know little about? New IPs are really important, but you can’t blame people for being excited for their beloved series.

      1. Definitely. When I was young I was playing with my Amiga, and I wouldn’t be excited on a new Test Drive more than a whole new game. We tested a demo of Project Octopath, and I bet it will take higher scores than that Xenobore while selling 1/10 in comparison. And that’s something to BLAME.
        When you buy a book you buy something enticing, not ‘the sequel of a good book’. Every game, book, etc. should be judged by itself, by its own merits.
        The whole sequel s*** is what made EA that ugly giant that it is, while developers of original content struggled and got fagocitated by it. Why? Because people are serial users, and like sheep want to eat more of the same and follow a clear pattern. I do buy Platone, then Collodi, etc. completely unrelated authors but all offering something good. Then I can prefer offering from the same author still I buy from everyone where I see something that can interest me. I do investigate if there is something that can interest me.
        I do like BotW or Ocarina but I did not played all Zelda’s episodes, nor I’m interested in all Zelda’s episodes, while I have enjoyed Suikoden II more than A Link to the past, for example, or a Chrono Trigger more than a FFVIII. Open boundaries.

      2. And maybe it’s something that might not even be good. I just looked at the trailer and it doesn’t look like a game of enjoy or play more than a day with. People have preferences. It’s likely saying japanese gamers are weird for not liking cod as much as western gamers. I also agree with the well established comment. Why should I trust a new coming new ip when there’s something that’s been proven to be amazing multiple times?

    2. That’s all fine, and I’ve certainly got on my own soapbox about wanting new IP, but, like you correctly call out EA for, serialization is not Japan exclusive. And one thing to remember is that while you and I may be sick to death of playing the same old crap in the new CallOfBattleCreed Auto XII, the reality is we’re aging out of their target audience. They’re not making the same game for us to buy it over and over. They’re making a new thing that they know worked in the past to sell to the next wave of kids turning 8-12 that year and begging mom and dad for it. The indie scene and smaller budget studios (the ones that have sadly been disappearing over the years, absorbed by the AAAs) are absolutely the place for innovation in game design because they can afford to take risks.

      But excitement levels? I remember thinking Mass Effect looked interesting. I was excited for Mass Effect 2. Morrowind looked fun. I couldn’t wait for Oblivion. I picked up Dawn of War 1 on a whim and counted down the days for Dawn of War 2. Just like making a sequel is a lower risk for a publisher, buying a sequel is a lower risk for the consumer. It’s a known quantity. I know I liked the last one and so there’s a better chance that I will get my moneys worth out of this next one. Of course that’s not always true, but there’s a good chance. It’s totally cool to prefer lesser known, niche titles, support indies and small studios, and criticize publishers/developers for not taking enough risks. But it’s not cool to think less of someone for liking something different.

      1. In fact indies are exploding in popularity, and not just for sequels of good indies but for whole new indies. Eventually people take easily more risks with the low prices.
        Still we had the opportunity to test Project Octopath, we appreciated it, we know that it’s selling for a lower price than usual so it should mean lot of sales. Will not. The sheep herd will probably win in the end.
        Mass Effect was exactly that title that I was excited about, and I bought it in a rush even without testing it. But Project Octopath was tested, demo was public, that’s the problem. It doesn’t deserve a so low interest. It’s a very high quality offering.
        I just say ‘no hope’, I’m not spreading hate, just a dislike for the usual consumer behaviour. Still the indie scene exploded with western people, that’s something to appreciate.

  2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my most wanted game right now. Along with Sonic Forces, of course. (Hopefully some deals will be going down for it next month, though. With how much bad publicity it’s getting, I don’t see why it shouldn’t have some deals going on. The eShop better have a good deal going for it compared to whatever deal PS Store will have. Which system I get it on will come down to that now. Shame, too, as I was fully prepared to pay full price but now that’s probably not the best idea.)

    1. I know people are going to find this a little odd, but personally, my two most wanted games are Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. Mostly the Persona 5 version because being a Persona 5 fan, I need dancing Morgana to make my life complete.

  3. I’ll most definitely be getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the Dragon Quest Builders game (maybe both of them, I heard DQ Builders 1 is also coming).
    Dragon Quest XI can wait until my plate is more clear.

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