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Japan: Super Mario Odyssey Sells 63,538 Copies On eShop Alone In First Three Days

Super Mario Odyssey and the Nintendo Switch have proved to be incredibly popular in Japan, as they have elsewhere in the world. Recent figures provided by Famitsu state that the 3D platformer sold 63,538 on the Japanese Switch eShop during its first three days on sale. Here’s some other digital information for other Nintendo titles:

  • Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver sold a further 65,720 (totalling 144,554) from 25 September – 29 October
  •  Splatoon 2 16,172 (totalling 140,964) for the same period.


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  1. Pretty low sales. It’s the reason why Nintendo don’t usually shares this data? Or it’s just Japan the ‘problem’?
    I do understand them to prefer physical copies, since I do the same.

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