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SteamWorld Dig 2 Sold Roughly Ten Times The Amount Of Units On Switch As It Has On Steam

We’ve had quite a few indie success stories on the Nintendo Switch and the latest comes from Image & Form. The company says that SteamWorld Dig 2 has sold ten times the amount of units on the Nintendo Switch as it has on Steam. Not bad going at all.

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    1. It’s more than that though. Yes, a catered, smaller collection means that there is more exposure and less competition, but that’s something that will change as more indies pile onto the Switch gold rush. The reality is that the Switch is also poaching sales from other platforms. For example, I’m an avid indie player. I didn’t need Nintendo to tell me that Steamworld was worth buying. But now, given the option to buy on the PC or the Switch, I’ll buy it on the Switch every time. I’ll even pass up a chance for a good Steam sale. The handheld/couch hybrid power of the Switch makes it the best option for indie games, and worth a premium price to boot.

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