Japan: Nintendo Comes Top In Rich Company List

Nintendo has topped a rich company list in Japan due to the Kyoto-based company’s net cash reserves of 946 billion yen. The prestigious list was put together by Toyo Keizai Online who posted their top 500 companies rich list. Sony came away in fourth place.

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  1. And with all that richness it can’t be more unscrupolous on the market? I (as a company) would just buy more content out there and shoot for the most heterogeneous population, I would just eat the market. Though I must say that they have began that process.

  2. Yes and now ninitendo need to put those profits to good use.
    I remember back in the day the snes had the edge on the mega drive.
    A few years on and Sony and Microsoft got big in the gaming world and lets face it, their consoles are always reigning with more power, but the Nintendo gameplay experience is always the best to me.
    What Nintendo need now is to lead the market with console power.
    We need a beast of a home console and the switch as amazing as it is can be the 3ds successor ( that we can also play on the telly ) ideal!

    1. Is estimated that Nintendo will gain 40% of the gaming market in 2019 if the momentum keeps going strong, to compare it, they owned around 64% back in the SNES era, NES was like 89%.

    2. Again with the story of power? Nintendo will not focus on power because it’s like to act like the XToaster or the PepsiStation which both of them are fighting for show who has the most powerful console. It’s better focus on release games and the online system where everybody is waiting for.

      1. The Switch has the best and more powerful technology on the market but people don’t get it, they keep comparing it against pure home consoles, but the Switch isn’t, it’s an hybrid with the best technology Nvidia has to offer.
        And a dedicated home console would just split resources again. For the future it’s gonna be just the Nintendo Switch with all internal and external (pokemon Company, etc.) Nintendo’s support, and people asking for anything else is asking for *less* games for their console.

        1. That’s right. I found the Switch the perfect hybrid console, but the demand for power means to lose this ability of an hybrid console. The Switch isn’t even one years old and already showed to many companys that the console isn’t so powerless.

          1. It’s about politics more than anything else. Eventually some software house will find easier to develop a 10 million $ game on Switch and then convert it to other platforms instead of developing an 80 million $ game on PC and then convert it to Switch. Not everyone needs to make very high quality graphic assets to sell their products. Thw Switch is powerful enough to be the next standard gaming platform without draining companies budgets. I think we will see new original games for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

  3. And yet Nintendo is too darn cheap to give people physical games in their many console bundles, or even a simple charger with the new 3DS XL. For the price I just paid for my new 3DS XL SNES edition, it should have came with the charger AND 2 physical free games. I feel a little ripped off. But it’s not the first time.

    1. The Switch is barely profitable still, they bundle something in lack Friday, they end up losing any possible profit they could have made.

    2. I can understand with the charger, but games? You’re asking way too much. Maybe one game is fine, but two is too much. (I know they did that with some Wii U bundles but that’s because the Wii U was selling like trash.)

  4. It’s easy to have such huge reserves of money when you make the weakest home consoles of the last 3 gens in the last 15(?) years and when you also have a monopoly on the handheld market. Especially when all 5 are making a profit (in spite of the Wii U selling horribly, it still managed to make a profit, a small profit but profit nonetheless) & 4 of them have a decent to great game attachment rate (Wii U, Switch, DS, & 3DS.)

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