UK: Over 300,000 Video Games Consoles Sold Last Week

Black Friday week was a success for all platforms in the United Kingdom last week. Games Industry is reporting that over 300,000 games consoles were sold during the sales period. Sony’s PlayStation 4 came out in top, but both the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch all had their part to play.

Nintendo Switch also made it into the Black Friday deals, although retailers primarily opted to bundle games with the machine as opposed to lowering the price. Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle were amongst the key bundled titles.




  1. Another Pic of the Mario Kart 8 Port, of which is worrying me about the Franchise’s Future. As I might’ve stated before on another comment, I’m not getting my hands on a Switch myself till the Next Official Mario Kart game for it with 16 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks is announced.

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