China: Nintendo And Nvidia Partner To Bring Select Wii Games To Nvidia Shield

Nvidia, iQiyi and Nintendo have announced a special partnership to bring select Wii titles to the Nvidia Shield in China. The device will play popular PC games as well as Wii games such as Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Punch Out. It has also been announced that there are more Wii games coming and these games will run in HD.


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 and Giunta for the tip!


  1. Isn’t the Nintendo Switch similar to the Nividia Shield? If so, then does this mean this is in a way a test for Nintendo to see how well Wii games run on a similar device, before they decide whether or not to port Wii games to the Switch through the virtual console?

    1. Shield TV and the Switch use the exact same SoC. The only difference is that Switch has 1GB more memory and the Shield has CPU clocked twice as fast and the GPU clocked 30% faster. Neither of those differences should matter much when we’re talking about porting a game to it from a significantly weaker system.

      What DOES make a difference is that the Shield TV uses Android while Switch uses a modified version of FreeBSD.

    2. No, the games are going to be streamed over the service GeForce Now, they are not ports.
      And I think it would be nice to update the article just to include that small information too (my source for that is Android Police, if it matters)

  2. Why can’t we get these games in HD on the switch??? Oh wait that’s probably what they’re gonna do, it was probably just easy to port from the switch to the Nvidia shield

    1. The Switch’s CPU just isn’t as capable as it needs to be. Shield TV does a decent job emulating GameCube and Wii games with Dolphin using HLE audio emulation and an underclocked emulated CPU but it still has a lot of issues. The Switch’s CPU emulation is out of reach for most games.

      I actually asked the Dolphin developers if there’s any advantages that the Switch has that would let it run games at full speed where Dolphin can’t. They said the only thing they could do is patch each game to get around things that are difficult to emulate. Even then, it would be really advantagious if Core 0 was clocked twice as high since emulation is generally very single threaded.

  3. Okay…why them, on another similar tech platform but not for everyone else buying the Switch? In fact, why not trying to launch it in China? That would scare the shit out of Sony.

    1. I’m going to run a guess and say that working with the chinese government is about a hundred thousand times easier for software than it is for hardware.

    2. Most likely, Nintendo wants to launch the Switch there, but there are a number of variables they have to consider first. This is a good start to test the market.

  4. So…
    How would one go about acquiring these games?
    Is it for certain hardware, or region locked?
    I need them… for research…

  5. “Nvidia, iQiyi and Wii have announced a special partnership. The letter i will never be the same.”

  6. This means that the games will be steamed online or what? I don’t get it because China is the Mecca of piracy.

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