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Fire Emblem Warriors: FE Fates DLC Coming December 21st

Fans of Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS will want to watch out for the new bundle of downloadable content coming on December 21st. Players who download it will have access to Azura, Niles, Oboro, three entire history mode maps and a variety of costumes. Here’s what else is coming according to Serenes Forest:

  • The history mode maps are to be based around Azura, Niles and Oboro respectively.
  • The Broken Armor models will be added to the Fates set of characters.
  • Camilla gets a Maid costume, Takumi gets a butler one, and the Corrin’s get their opposite factions look. Azura also has her “Mysterious” dancer outfit from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.
  • Azura also has a confirmed support with Corrin (albeit that was fairly obvious).



    1. I agree. You could make the argument for Corrin’s “new” costumes too. This first DLC pack is pretty disappointing imo. At least we’re getting ground spear units to play as and another bow user. I just hope Niles isn’t a clone of Takumi and Sakura…

  1. A maid outfit, you say? Mmm. Me likey maid outfits. *sees it is for Camilla* Oh… :/ I’d rather Azura have it.

  2. Anyway, if these characters are already in the game as characters you can fight, it’s pretty messed up to be selling them. As far as I know, every past Warriors/Musou game allowed you to unlock characters later in the game for free by simply beating the story. (In the case of Hyrule Warriors, they simply patched the game to let people use Cia, Volga, & Wizzro.)

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