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Digital Foundry Takes A Look At Resident Evil Revelations For Nintendo Switch

The latest project from the tech team over at Digital Foundry is Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The team has analysed the survival horror titles and produced their definitive verdict on both titles. Here’s a quick summary from Reset Era member Toni Codrea:

  • 1080p/720p for both games
  • Weird cloth and hair jutter in R2, also missing shadows cast by the flashlight and complete lack of AA, but a sharpening filter is applied making it look more clear than the PS4 version
  • Framerate unlocked in both games, for some reason. R2 is around 45FPS most of the time but can dip to as low as 29FPS during cutscenes, R1 is closer to 60FPS but still dips a lot.



    1. Same here, this is why I am so disappointed on Capcom, Doom is like 2x more demanding than RE7 if you count the massive amounts of enemies on Doom, they could easily port RE7 on the Switch.

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