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Watch Abdallah Smash Race Through Zelda DLC Pack 2 In Eight Hours

We found out during yesterday’s The Game Awards that the long-awaited second downloadable content pack for the incredible The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available right now. Not wanting to wait around, YouTuber Abdallah Smash has live streamed eight hours of footage of him tackling The Champions Ballad and completing it. You can watch him and the game in action, below!


  1. I like Abdallah and others like Zak Scott games, but I had to unsubscribe from them for a while… It was either that or stay a away from YouTube while logged in. I can see how this is cool for some but for me I was getting frustrated during Zelda and recently Mario Odyssey because I’d open up YouTube, and the first things I saw were these guys and their thumbnails and thier discriptions spoiling parts of the game. Don’t get me wrong these guys are some of the best at making me watch them play games and are very intertaining but it was to much to have certain parts spoiled before I had a chance to see it myself so I had to tune the out lol.

    I’ll be back when there’s droughts or if they play a game I know I won’t be playing.

    1. I assume you got them bookmarked in case you forget their youtube names.

      1. Heh, actually I don’t but I don’t follow (or I didn’t follow) tons of them. Mostly I followed if they were cool dudes or gals mostly to show support for their channel. I hardly watched play through a as I much rather play the game myself :p

        I like it more like when they do live streams and play like Splatoon or like with TrueUnderdogGaming he uploads his online fights from fighting games or character guides. Sometimes stuff like that is entertaining if I have nothing better to do :)

    2. Hey…you can´t forget that during his Pokemon Sun lets play Abdallah putted the final opponent on his thumbnail, then people call him out for spoilers, he took the video down, uploaded again with a new thumbnail and told in a comment basically to people to fuck of and chill because if they don´t want to see spoilers then they shouldn’t click on the video…ignoring completly that the recomendations exist on youtube.

      1. Ha I didn’t know about that fiasco. It doesn’t surprise me though cuz that’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. It seems harmless to them I’m sure but these guys get the games 1-2 weeks before us and on release date the upload everything so if we’re subscribed and we hop on YouTube, we see all their thumbnails showing bosses n stuff. It’s not really a big deal but for some people it is cuz they want to discover everything personally.

        Surprised he made a video to tell us to F off though… Like you said it comes up on recommendations. He should have said “if you don’t like it , “unsubscribe” from me” but he would never ask such a thing ;) They are all about hitting that subscribe button.

      2. Of course he didn´t say to fuck of…but you can easily read between the lines, since he has to be “family friendly” or lose his partnert ship with Nintendo (since as far as I know he only does Nintendo games…even shits ike that Animal crosing app game)

      3. This was his comment on the video after he change the thumbnail”:

        I’ve got to address the topic of ‘Spoilers’: Please don’t get bent out of shape. You’re here watching this series for a reason. The series is meant for you to be playing along with me and if you’re playing along, then none of the thumbnails would be spoilers. Just move on. So now are all of the videos in my Tips and Tricks series spoilers? If you think that, get over yourself. I love the Pokemon Community more than the next guy, but if you’re going to sit there and complain about a thumbnail, rather than enjoying the pseudo-finale of the outstanding game that is #PokemonSunMoon, then you need to reflect upon yourself a bit; talk to me about what you thought of the game and the series’ ending!

        OF COURSE is everybody faul but noooooooo…he didn´t do anything wrong -.-

        1. Wow. I can definitely read between the lines. That is definitely one giant “fuck you” if I ever read one. lol

    1. Its pretty short if you know the areas you need to go, the hints they give you are kinda vague but others are like “oh yeah i know where that is” lol

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