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Super Mario Cereal Is Not Coming To Australia

Nintendo and Kellogg’s recently released the new Super Mario Cereal in the U.S., but it looks like consumers Down Under won’t be able to try it anytime soon. According to Kellogg’s, there are no plans to bring the Super Mario Odyssey-inspired cereal to Australian territories. The following brief statement comes from a representative of the food manufacturer regarding this particular topic:

“Sorry to disappoint, but we have no plans to bring this one to Australia at the moment.”

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  1. It’s not that serious lol some of us in the US would be happy to ship some to our Australian Bros no problem. Pay the requirements, and I wouldn’t mind.

    Unless there’s a “no shipping food rule “in Australia, in that case sorry for ya!

  2. Please, more of these insightful articles. There are 151 countries left so that means 151 more articles; for one per day, that is 151 days without having to find another subject for an article.

  3. I must say I don’t really care for this. I probably would’ve bought it once for fun if I saw it in Norway, but I’m not going to buy this of eBay or something xD But I must say it’s kind of lame of Nintendo and Kellogg’s to bring such a product only for a single country (I’ll give that it’s a big one, alright), and leave like… I don’t know… THE REST OF THE WORLD without it. People are passionate about Nintendo products, and this has a gameplay mechanic for Odyssey (ultra popular tittle btw in case people like… didn’t know), so obviously it’s going to make some fuzz. But at the end of the day people should chill… it’s just a cereal. Amiibo collectiors can probably just buy the NFC of eBay for some bucks.

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