The Game Awards 2017 Gets 11.5 Million Streams Which Is The Best To Date

Geoff Keighley is celebrating today as The Game Awards 2017 was not only a good one for fans, but also for the producers too, as the event received 11.5 million streams. This is an all time high for the annual awards show. Congratulations to Geoff and the rest of the team for pulling it off.


  1. I mean It deserved it. It wasn’t as cringe as the earlier ones and there were great reveals and awards. The funny moments were also legendary. (The oscars guy and the baby from death stranding) Great show

  2. The most important aspect of the Game Awards are not the awards themselves, but the announcements made by developers. That’s what draws people into watching it live. The good thing is that I think Geoff understands this and understands that he needs these gaming companies to make some important announcements exclusive to the game awards. The bigger the announcements, the higher the ratings will go.

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