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Nintendo Plans To Ship More Switch Units Than Ever In Japan This Month

Following on from the brilliant news that the Nintendo Switch has surpassed a rather impressive milestone today of selling 10 million units to date, Nintendo has made a point to their Japanese consumers; that there will be more Switch deliveries than ever in the run-up to Christmas.

Coming directly from their Japanese Press Release today:

We plan to ship more than ever for domestic use in December, and we will strive to make more customers purchase.

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  1. It’s almost a guarantee that within the first year of being released, the Switch will outsell the lifetime sales of the Wii U. Just goes to show that Nintendo did learn a thing or two from the Wii U generation.

    1. The Wii U didn’t get so much attention because for the lack of games at the beginning.

      The Wii U still have some amazing games, but when those games came, there were so much difficult in the company

      I’m happy that the Switch makes happy people.

      1. It didn’t get attention because people hardly knew it exists but those who did know say it’s trash while the few (like me) were foolish to believe it was good and had a chance to be a public figure. Boy what a fuckstorm that was.

        Pii U doesn’t have much good games. You may say MK8 but it ruined Battle Mode. You may also say Mario 3D World but it’s basically 3D Land in HD much like New Mario Bros. U is an HD rehash of the same game since 2006 on DS. You might say Bayonetta 2 which was good but only good for one playthrough and that’s it. Everything else is badly forced, gimped and gimmicky at best and worse.

          1. No, Pii console in general. As for Smash Bros., 3DS version sold more not because it came first but because it’s cheaper and has better modes with all of the same DLCs. Why buy another game that has that lame ass Smash Tour “Mario Party” cop out, 8-player mode that has no online function and the online itself still lags like shit (no worse than Brawl ten fold but still there)? Is it for 1080p/60FPS? That’s still not enough.

              1. 3DS install base versus Wii U and timing of both version releases doesn’t exactly support this. Also, I had the game and didn’t play long so I doubt many have either because, again, Wii U is dead.

    2. More like a mistake trying to repeat the magic “lightning in the bottle” twice from Wii which ultimately killed the hardcore audience and had them leaving in exchange for grandma’s and twerps to play Will Play mini games and shit. That’s what the Wii U, a failed try to repeat the Wii’s success and by not saying through ads that it exists and is a different console, dumbass Nintendo assumed people would know because of the Wii’s popularity and name. So yeah, it’s a huge failure no matter what excuse you have and how you see it. It took me 2 1/2 years to realize what a mistake that console was and how lost and arrogant Nintendo had become to please the wrong crowd that doesn’t exist in their corner. It didn’t even inspire the Switch design, all other consoles did. Switch is what Will U could’ve and should’ve been years ago.

    3. Just because they learned from it doesn’t change the fact the system is a failure. You CAN learn from a failure, after all. In fact, the beauty of failing is you’re supposed to learn that you made a mistake somewhere.

  2. Nintendo is more determined than ever. Over 10 million units sold worldwide and already President Kimishima is swimming in billions of yen! Keep it up!!!!!

    1. ||The Supreme Lord will soon have trillions, and I will have trillions too…||

      ||One trillion Xbot corpses…||

  3. I wonder what Nintendo did to celebrate 10 million units being sold… the party must’ve been pretty amazing XD

      1. True but I meant considering how it was in the beginning when no one had any on the shelves to be at 10 million in 9 months is pretty good. I wonder where it would be had supply been there from the start.

        1. If it had plenty on shelves and met demands from day 1 consistently, it would’ve been an easy 15 million by now and would likely beat Wii’s 20 million first year record by it’s first anniversary.

      2. Yeah I think the supply issue ended once the iPhone X came out and Apple didn’t horde the manufacturing of the glass company that both Apple and Nintendo used. There shouldn’t be any more supply issues from this point on.

  4. The irony is the Switch most likely sold most of that 10m outside of Japan. But no, no. Japan is totally the place that deserves more shipments. *rolls eyes*

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