Take A Look At This Prototype Portable N64 Created By Hyperkin

Respected accessory manufacturer Hyperkin is supposedly working on an intriguing project according to their Senior Account Manager, Ramon Navos-Moral. Taking to his Instagram and Facebook accounts, which are open for the public to view, Navos-Moral has uploaded photos of what he describes as an ‘N64 handheld prototype’. Take a look at the below pictures to see for yourself:


He says on his Facebook page:

“I took a picture of an N64 handheld prototype at the R&D department not with the intentions of leaking it.. but they shouldn’t trust me though. 😁
I just want them to hurry up. (Design is not final) 😂 I call it Social Media Pressure. They said it’s #38 on their priority list.. they don’t know what they’re missing!!! N64 is life thoughhhh . It’s either they trust me or I get fired. Good thing they forgot the NDA on this one. I guess theyre really busy. #mindblown 😂
#Hyperkin #retrovideogames #n64 #nintendo #videogames #handheld#classic #retro”

Nintendo Life reached out to Hyperkin for comment and they responded. Apparently, they’re taking action against the Senior Account Manager for distributing pictures which are for R&D purposes only. They also confirmed that the prototype is real.

Would you like you to see something like this make its way onto shelves? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Need to sort out that screen ratio. I think like only 2 games used widescreen and I don’t think the benefits really justify putting a 16:9 screen on a handheld for 2 games. Probably run smoother on 4:3 anyway and if those games use stretch widescreen, then 4:3 mode would probably have noticeably better quality on a handheld LCD

    1. Several third-party titles from defunct companies wouldn’t be available.

      -Chameleon Twist
      -Chameleon Twist 2
      -Gex 64: Enter the Gecko
      -Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
      -Snowboard Kids
      -Snowboard Kids 2
      -Rakuga Kids
      -Robot: Rocket on Wheels
      -Space Station Silicon Valley
      -Diddy Kong Racing (with Banjo and Conker)
      -Jet Force Gemini
      -Mischief Makers
      -The New Tetris
      -Rampage Word Tour
      -Several licensed games

      Plus unreleased or custom N64 games:
      -Sin & Punishment (English subtitles)
      -Wonder Project J2 (English translation)
      -40 Winks (Prototype)
      -Super Mario Star Road
      -Super Mario 64: The Last Impact

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