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Mom Hid My Game! Coming To Nintendo Switch And 3DS December 21st

Launching worldwide on December 21st, Mom Hid My Game! will be coming to Nintendo Switch and 3DS and it’ll cost just $4.99. The aim of the game is to snatch back your games console that your mother has rudely taken away from you by completing puzzles all whilst keeping your mom none the wiser. Here’s a trailer:



  1. I mean really. Who the hell thought of this.
    What if you get this game and then your mum ACTUALLY hides your game. You’ll be looking for your game so you can play looking for your game.
    Oh my god!!

  2. If you look at the screenshot above it actually looks like his mum is obviously hiding behind the curtain, he’s waving to someone out the window and a gameboy SP is falling from the ceiling.

  3. Who came up with this, this is the kind of game you could only hope your mum would hide.
    Then you can get on with playing something good and be done with it.

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