New Etrian Odyssey Game For Nintendo 3DS Announced For Spring 2018

There’s a brand new Etrian Odyssey game in development for the Nintendo 3DS and it is destined for the handheld platform in Spring 2018. Details about the game are scarce but here’s what we know so far:

  • The game will be for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • The game will not be Etrian Odyssey 3 [Untold]
  • It will be a “true culmination” of the series.
  • It will have a lot of map drawing. (“So much mapping, players will dislike it.”)
  • It will have surprising content.



    1. I know, when I saw the headline my brain immediately assumed “SWITCH”, but then I kept reading and it said “3DS” I was like ‘they still make games for 3DS?!?’

    2. Are you Switch fans really all that greedy? It’s like Nintendo having two systems is suddenly a foreign concept.

    1. I don’t. These games heavily rely on the touch screen because of real time mapping, and losing such a huge asset will make them feel stale.

      1. I read somewhere this will be the last of the series on 3ds, then they’re likely jumping over to switch

  1. Forecast for the next 8 years, which is as far as forecast goes, shows Stereoscopic 3D entertainment and technology will continue to become more popular and profitable. Translation; more 3D movies and 3D video games to come.

  2. I feel like a new Etrian Odyssey game was mentioned in an article a few months ago. Or am I missing something here?

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