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Tequila Works Are Working Hard On A Performance Patch For RiME

Some RiME fans have complained that the game on Nintendo Switch encounters some performance issues with even the developer behind the title previously discussing the issues via a Reddit AMA. The game was significantly delayed for Switch players finally got their hands on the game in November due to Tequila Works having to polish the game for its release. But ultimately the game didn’t run to expectation. It looks as though the developer is hard at work creating a patch for the title as Raul Rubio Munarriz, CEO at Tequila Works, has mentioned on Twitter. Let’s hope the patch gets released soon so players can enjoy a smoother experience with RiME.


        1. I quite frankly don’t give a fuck about fake ass WWE or it’s pitifully boring and “acted” games. I’m sure that it is another piss poor port. It’s a sports/event video game. Of course it’ll be lazy regardless.

        1. No better not working on this game.

          This game already got hate from people who played on the other consoles, and also from there, there is still loss of fps with from an unknown reason.

          Sometimes I don’t understand why they used Unreal instead of Unity for their simple graphic game

          1. Even Unreal 4 shouldn’t be struggling with such simple groundwork. These devs just suck ass at their jobs and talent. Oh wait, I said talent. I was a little too generous on that compliment. lol

            1. No in real Unreal 4 makes everything more complex, even if you create a simple cube, triangle or everything else in Unreal 4 it is more refined in compared of Unity but also the lights on Unreal 4 are better, but making a game with so simple graphics in Unreal 4 it’s a bit stupid to me, because Unreal 4 have to render everything with a very high settings when Unity you can set the graphic settings.

              1. What is stupid to me that the program just goes full complexity over a simple model and coloring which seems unnecessarily excessive. Unreal needs to be changed to be more friendlier on the simplicity.

  1. Maybe MNN should report on the FCC repealing net neutrality in the US as this will effect this blog since some of us here are in the States.

  2. Really just wish developers would wait to release their faces until they are ready. If it didn’t run well it wasn’t ready for release.
    Gamers aren’t investors we don’t want to have to wait to get our rewards, when we pay we want our goods up front working the way they should.

    1. Exactly and few idiots here say I complain too much. I have every fucking reason to do so and this is clearly not an exception. This is a lazy ass port, PERIOD. It’s not gonna be worth the time and money NOW because they fucked up and should suffer their shortcomings.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, how many people are willing to excuse WWE 2k for its broken ass state. Taking money for a incomplete product in any other industry would not be acceptable. Car sir, yes there is a wheel patch coming in 3 months…..

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