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Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi Says The Switch Is “On The Road To Success”

Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi and Shinya Takahashi recently sat down with Engadget to discuss the Nintendo Switch, especially in regards to the console’s Joy-Con controllers. In the interview, Koizumi says that they’re currently “researching a lot of different and interesting ideas” that the Joy-Cons can take advantage of. Meanwhile, Takahashi had some things to say about the success of the console as a whole. Takahashi doesn’t feel that the Switch is a success just yet, because he feels that there are still many people who haven’t been able to enjoy the experiences that only the Switch can deliver. Takahashi says that “I feel that it is too early to talk about our success. Rather, I feel like we are still on the road to that success”. Here’s what Koizumi and Takahashi said:


Koizumi: “[A] really exciting hardware feature of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that you can separate the controllers. This makes lots of new forms of play possible, and we’re currently researching a lot of different and interesting ideas. We’ve also seen many amazing and great ideas from our third-party development partners, as well as the Nindies community.”

Takahashi: “You can quickly start playing with another person no matter where you are,” he says. “This made a big difference in how we thought of the experiences in 1-2-Switch, which also has a lot of experiences that make use of the HD Rumble feature as well. These are experiences you can only have with Nintendo Switch. We would like to continue making new types of software that make use of these unique features of the hardware. We want more people to have these kinds of experiences, so that’s what we have been working towards, but that’s also why I feel that it is too early to talk about our success. Rather, I feel like we are still on the road to that success. We would like to see so many more people having these experiences, and I do believe that we can get there.”


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  1. While 10m in less than 11 months is impressive, I agree that it’s on the road to success. Just gotta hope Nintendo doesn’t swerve off of that road with stupid decisions like keeping voice chat solely tied to a smartphone app, not bringing external HDD support for cheaper data storage, not adding the ability to transfer data (like digital games, patches, & DLC) between the Switch’s internal memory and micro SD cards/external HDDs.

  2. I haven’t even touched my Switch since my last attempt at playing the Trial Of The Swords DLC in Breath Of The Wild. And that’s been months. Never did I dream when I started playing The Witcher III that I’d be stuck playing it for SO long. People weren’t lying when they said that’s a huge game. For some reason I just can’t get myself interested in playing the Switch. I’m almost dreading the day when I finish Witcher III.

    1. The Witcher 3 definitely deserved it’s Game of the Year award at The Game Awards in 2015.

      1. Ironically, when I first started playing Witcher III, I had nothing but complaints. One after the other. But the longer I played it, the better it started to feel. I still have my issues with it, but my likes became stronger than my dislikes.

      2. So for those that have both Breath of the Wild and Witcher 3…. Which is better? I know they are different kinds of open world game, but in terms of the size of the world and the things you can do, which game engages you more?

        1. Gameplay wise, they are both pretty engaging. Story wise, I’d say Witcher 3 is more engaging since you got extensive story for even side quests. The best thing about the game is you can actually decide how good or bad you want your character to be during cutscenes. You can either be a total asshole, a total sweetheart, or somewhere in between. You can also effect the fates of certain characters and either have them survive or die in the game. Hm. I’d honestly have to say Witcher 3 is far more engaging considering how much control you actually have over the game’s story. As for which one is better, depends on the gamer. Personally, I found Witcher 3 to be the better game.

    2. In case you don’t know, there are two expansions for it, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Those add new story and side quests, armor sets and the second introduces a new area inspired from southern France and many more hours of gameplay.

  3. About the Witcher 3. Probably the best game of the decade. Its team wasn’t small at all, 240 devs worked in it. As for the comparison with BotW, after playing the Witcher 3 I thought that it couldn’t be surpassed as an open world game, with tight and focused gameplay, mature story telling and interesting side quests. What Zelda did is phenomenal, it reached those heights and even surpassed them in some ways and it did it with lesser hardware. I thought this would only be possible many years down the line, when stronger hardware would be introduced, companies would be influenced and inspired from ideas in Witcher 3 and others and it would require a huge budget and talent.
    Don’t bother which is better, both are excellent, play both and judge for yourself!

  4. ||Maybe for High Command it is, for me, I’m already finishing my invasion plans against the Xbot disease under the guidande of Lord Shibata…||

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