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RiME’s Performance On Nintendo Switch Discussed By The Developers

The developers behind the beautiful RiME have been fielding questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread. One of the main things that has popped up is regarding the adventure title’s performance. The developer says that the game runs at 30 FPS in 720p throughout most of the game while docked. There are also a few hiccups along the way.

RiME runs at 30 FPS in 720p throughout most of the game while docked. This is a considerable improvement from where the game was at earlier this year when we announced the first delay.

While we have done an excellent job at bringing the standard frame rate up, the one problem we were unable to address completely were loading hitches. RiME uses a technique called streaming which allows us to have portions of the level loaded and unloaded in order to save on memory utilization.

With RiME being very open in many locations, it’s incredibly difficult to get these level segments small enough to not cause a hiccup in performance. We were faced with the choice of adding loading screens throughout the stages, rebuilding the game completely to be more closed in (undermining the product vision in the process), or living with these small hiccups to preserve what the game was intended to be. We chose the latter.

It’s worth noting that these hiccups do occur on the other platforms as well, though slightly less pronounced.

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  1. I’m happy that they took the extra time to get it where they could. I would imagine a larger team might’ve ironed out a few of the wrinkles.

  2. I don’t think we should give indie devs a pass for doing a sub par job just because they’re small teams. From what I’ve seen in videos these are not small hiccups, but are very noticeable and distracting ones. If that’s actually the case on other platforms as well, it just shows that they did a very bad job designing and/or optimizing the game. An artsy game like this should never pull you out of the immersion with “hiccups”.

    1. Nintendo Life’s review shows some pretty bad screen tearing, very blurry graphics when undocked, and a much larger file size when compared to other versions. The have is 4.29GB on Xbox One, 4.25GB on PS4, and a whopping 7.5GB on Switch. I can’t understand how this game has such a large size for worse graphics on the Switch. From what I’ve heard, this game has had trouble on other systems as well. I think it was flawed from the start and was designed poorly with little to no optimization.

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