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EU Retailers Will Now Receive Nintendo Products Closer To Release Date Than Before

According to, retailers in Europe are to receive Nintendo products much closer to the release date going forward. Nintendo confirmed to that it is ‘consistently reviewing its shopping schedule’ to ensure release dates across Europe are not broken. Taking one look at social media in the run-up to a games’ release, it’s difficult to ignore that some folk get their games before the majority of consumers. It can be argued that many receive their games/consoles a day or so before general release due to online retailers shipping out to ensure the consumer gets it in time but it would seem as though Nintendo are tightening the rules when it comes to distribution to try and stop street dates from being broken.

It’ll most likely be independent retailers that will feel the strain as they order through distribution rather than directly from Nintendo where a minimum order quantity rule is often in place.



13 thoughts on “EU Retailers Will Now Receive Nintendo Products Closer To Release Date Than Before”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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    1. It is most likely simply a decision by Nintendo of Europe, as publishing in europe is their job. In that regard, they should be pretty independent to the rest of Nintendo, just as NoA would be for america.
      So no, it’s not “all europes fault” but simply a decision by NoE alone.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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  2. Most retailers like target and best buy I know, their pos system don’t even allow you to checkout items that have a street date. Wonder why some eu retailers can’t implement that

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