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Yooka-Laylee Is Out On Nintendo Switch Today

Yooka-Laylee has finally found its way on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. To celebrate the occasion, the team have put together the trailer below. The team behind the colourful 3D platformer, Playtonic, say that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is optimised and improved. You can check it out for yourselves in the eShop.


    1. Have you played it?
      I have and I can say you’ve missed the mark there as this port is actually GOOD and has less frame rate dips than RIME, also, it sticks to the 900p Resolution for most of the game throughout when docked.

      1. Are the worlds less empty and lifeless? Or did they add more quills and stuff to actually have a reasonable amount of things to collect in each level? I might buy it if they seriously improved it.

      2. @kjasdb12 I’m 99% sure they haven’t changed anything major about the game, meaning that the worlds will be as “empty and lifeless” as you perceived them to be before. What they’ve done is optimise the game nicely for Switch keeping a nice steady framerate at most parts and not making as large a sacrifice on graphics as you might think. These things are nice but of course if you don’t like the core game underneath all that then it won’t make a jot of difference!

      3. @kjasdb12
        While I understand some complained about the worlds being lifeless, I can’tz totally agree. There might be like 70% of the density of enemies of Mario’s Odyssey. Which is less, but not like a huge drama. Plus it’s more like an Action Adventure and more about the quests and the characters from which there are quite a lot of in that world.
        It’s true that there are some empty places, but I don’t see this as such a problem and think it’s way more of a problem when games have that goal to have something happening on screen every 60 seconds because otherwise the attention of their target audience might fade.
        There are quite a few things to critisize about that game, but emptiness didn’t occur to me.

    2. I’m playing this game for the past few days on my Switch and I’m very surprised about how good it is. I’ve even been playing it over continuing my Mario Odyssey and getting into the Champion’s Ballad.
      I’m sure with that amounts of prejudices, you wouldn’t like it anyways, but maybe just don’t write your alternate facts in first place, as long as you haven’t even played it.

      1. I take it back. Now I know they improved the previously bad resolution but could’ve done more for the portable side. 720p would’ve done it justice over 600. But what I HATE about Yooka Laylee is the goddamn voices I just heard. My God I’ve never heard of such repulsive noises in any video game.

      1. If you mean people capable of changing their minds based on a game’s improvements, then they are welcome to join us this holiday season and duration of the Switch’s lifeline.

  1. I’m playing the game for days now and it’s surprisingly good. Not sure why I expected it to be so bad, maybe I was just spoiled from this past year’s coverage.

    No, it’s not Banjo Kazooie and no, Playtonic is not what Rare used to be. There are quite some parts that show that it’s still an indie-production, even if it at other times looks so good that you might get the illusion it’s not.

    In the end it’s always somewhere in between an indie- and a budgetgame. But is it worth the money? I’d say it’s a lot of stuff for its pricetag and even though it’s got some rough edges it managed to recreate some of that addiction, that sucked me into Banjo Kazooie back in the days and didn’t let me go until I collected EVERYTHING.

    The graphics look very good. Not just for an indie game, but for a 3rd party Switch game in general. it runs pretty steady and smoove, there are points where you can see so damn far with so much geometry, you really never thought this could ever run that smooth on the Switch. Sure, there aren’t hordes of enemies, but it’s also not Yookah Laylee Warriors, it’s still an Action Adventure game and the love the devs put into the game kinda outweight its shortcomings, if not by much.

    Ah and the music … the music is so well done, it puzzles me why there’s really not a single studio left that’s able to create a soundtrack like Grant Kirkhope and David Wise and make it as interactive and dynamic as the one in YL. It’s just such a damn warm feeling to get into some building and have the soundtrack seamlessly adapt to that different environment without losing its pace.

    So instead of arguing that there’s Mario so we don’t need YL you should just give it a chance. Of course it’s not even close to Mario standards but it’S close to Banjo Kazooie standards. I wish it wouldn’t have made some mistakes that seem kinda weird some times, but so far it’s not enough to really turn me off. Especially as there’s so much to find, so many weird characters to meet and surprisingly huge locations to explore. So far I really do hope the critics haven’t closed the path toward a sequel one day, at least I’d be among the first to back it if it goes kickstarted, just like I did with this one.

  2. ||The problem with this tribal weapon is not only the delayed time, but also the empty worlds for such a colourful style…||

  3. I’me still kneedeep into XC2, bought Mutant Mudds and got hooked again immediately even though I have already played and finished the game on 3DS, have the Zelda DLC sitting on the harddrive but I think that I’ll buy this game as well anyway this week. I’ve been waiting for the Switch version and it seems to be a good port. I was a bit upset about the pricing first. I think that 29.99 would be fairer at this point in time but it is what it is.

    1. I don’t think so. The only thing that lets it doen is the fact that the price is cheaper on other systems, which is indeed a bit stupid considering that they can’t justify it with a cardtridge production. But apart from that, 40 bucks still seem reasonable for an indie game that took way, way, way more effort than the usual 2D pixelart game. Especially as at least the first few worlds are really not so small and got a lot of different quests to solve. It’S a bit like with Skyrim, where I paid those 60bucks without spending too much thought into how cheap the game is on other platforms. If it will keep me rolling for that many hours, it’s worth that price.

  4. Nice game, hope they succeed so they can do an even better game next time. Not buying for now, but in the future eventually I’ll do for my children.

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