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Japan: Nintendo Smartphone Cases Coming To My Nintendo

Japanese gamers often get the best things and these Nintendo smartphone cases from My Nintendo are no exception. Japanese Nintendo reports that there’s six Nintendo Smartphone Cases and a Pochi Bag available on the service. There’s voucher rewards available from My Nintendo which cost 50 Gold Points apiece.

The Limited Pochi Bag is an 8bit Mario design is free (postage required) with the Smartphone Cases a 30% discount with four Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp designs (the one in the game, denim, fruits and campsite), a Splatoon Grizzco Industries and a The Legend of Zelda design available.




    1. ..Wait, they expire?? i just bought a ton of digital switch games this year and i have like 392 gold coins only for it to go to waste or spend on some crappy discounts for games I already have or will never buy..


    2. So I’m the only one with the issue I see my gold coins have never expire I know it’s suppose to happen but my account may be glitch or something like that, I have t even bother to contact customer service about it since majority of awards are not worth getting period I don’t know if my issue is a good thing or bad thing


  1. Come on Nintendo! Give the rest of us physical rewards too! Why do you think Club Nintendo was so popular? Because you had awesome physical rewards! (Cries in the corner for a year)


  2. Do not utter such blasphemy! You will take what Nintendo gives with a smile and great joy.
    (Though I wish we got physical rewards to)

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