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Video: Walleye Warehouse Splatoon 2 Comparison To Original In Splatoon 1

Splatoon 2 fans will no doubt have noticed that a new stage is available and that stage is Walleye Warehouse. You might be wondering how it compares to the original Walleye Warehouse on Wii U. Thankfully, YouTuber Snorth93 has created a comparison video for you which you can enjoy watching below.

Thanks to Snorth93 for the news tip!


  1. Not too much difference.

    Also, did anyone notice the (not so subtle) changes to maps like Moray Towers and Starfish Mainstage? There’s no more gaps you can fall through at the bottom platform (jumping from the side platform attached to the ledge overlooking the center, for example- there are platforms now removing the need to jump) and two more ramps added to Mainstage, one at the stage so you have another avenue to just run up and another right at the opening drop where a wall used to be.

    I don’t like those changes…

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