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Reggie Says Nintendo Switch Sales Are ‘Unprecedented Territory For Nintendo’

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that Nintendo Switch sales worldwide are astounding and are in an unprecedented territory for the Kyoto-based company. He said that the current pace of Switch sales worldwide are the fastest in Nintendo’s history.

“The fact that we reached 10 million units sold on a global basis and we’re not fully through the holidays is unprecedented territory for Nintendo,” said Fils-Aime. “The pace is one of the fastest in our own history and in gaming history.”

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    1. Hey, be kind, I have games I play on PC and games I play on Switch. Also games on 3DS, my Gameboy Micro, my cellphone (yes, the nintendo games) and my Kindle.
      Diversity is good.

  1. If Reggie’s talking about “unprecedented territory” somebody should seriously be around to ask if his body was ready.

  2. Seriously well done to Nintendo. I own a switch and love it. However.
    I hate this guy. He is literally a politician gamer, the only thing that comes from his mouth is media trained BS. He has no Nintendo heart..

    1. I would give him the benefit of the doubt because of how bad the Pii U era was. Nobody knew what would happen or the public would accept the Switch or not plus the future is a mystery. But when the Switch sells past Pii U by this month’s end, he’ll change his mind from the Switch being a failure.

      1. don’t see how they are going to pull that off what is great about the Switch is that it combines everything good that everyone loved about the Wii systems and provides greater freedom for games

    1. That’s because 1. You still think there’s no games even there is a shitton of them to choose from and it’s not even a year old yet. Or 2. You’ve been busy with other things.

      1. Yes, Witcher III is the culprit. The game is HUGE. It’s taking forever to finish. But back to Switch games, even with the available physical games I’ve seen in stores, none of them appeal to me. They all look like they’re more for the casual gamers. Yet there’s a bunch of PS4 games I have high interest in. And this is coming from a Nintendo fanboy. Or at least a semi fanboy.

        1. Why do I have a feeling you’re bullshitting me with this reply? What bunch of PS4 games? Last gen remasters or lame ass new games that don’t live up or evolve from said last gen marvels?

  3. I always find it strange when people say failure and disappointment when talking about the wiiu. Personally I loved mine and played some awesome games on it. As for sales figures it didn’t have Wii level success but no one thinks GameCube was a disappointment and that didn’t sell much better than the wiiu. Not having a wiiu and missing out on pikmin 3, wonderful 101, Mario 3D, Hyrule warriors, DK tropical freeze the Zelda remasters, Mario Kart, Bayonetta, Ssb, Mario Maker, Splatoon, capt toad, Sonic racing, Yoshi ww, zenoblade, that would disappoint me more.

      1. It only sold ca. 55% more, not ‘almost’ twice :P But it was a lot more anyway, so your point still stands.
        And GameCube is talked a lot of as a disappointment, just not in the degree of Virtual Boy or Wii U :P

    1. Gamecube is one of Nintendo’s greatest consoles. It deserved SO much more love and support than what it got. I still collect Gamecube games even now. Though, I collect games for all Nintendo consoles. The Gamecube gave me a happier feeling than the Wii, Wii U OR Switch. Super Mario Sunshine is still one of my top favorite Mario games.

    2. You have to look at the games GC had. Start with Nintendo’s more well known franchises. GC had an open world 3D Mario, two new Zelda games, and two new Metroid games. Wii U didn’t have any of that. It got a new Zelda, but far too late, and after many had already declared the console dead. GC also got an F-Zero, two star fox games instead of one, two Pikmin games instead of one, and SSB Melee is still the most loved game in its franchise.

      Wii U did have some really good games, but it didn’t have what it should have had. Nintendo just didn’t seem to support it like they supported all their previous consoles. If you compare the number of 1st party games on GC to those on Wii U, you’ll see the major difference.

    3. GameCube wasn’t even close to being a failure like the Pii U. It sold more than half and has much better gaming library. You don’t wanna realize it is a flop because you’re afraid to look foolish about it, even though you still do believing it’s a decent console which is not. Your only excuses are A. Mario 3D World which is 3D Land in HD. B. Smash Bros. 4 which the 3DS also has with similar content, portability, cheaper and has better modes. C. Donkey Kong Country TF; albeit a much better DKC game but still no Kremlings in sight and the sales sucked so badly that it’s future is uncertain. D. Bayonetta, okay, this is a decent game but only good for one play. E. Wonderful 101…if even the demo didn’t impress anyone which it did, then this game blows. F. Hyrule Warriors, an excuse of a Zelda game, nothing more, nothing less. Even both of the 3DS systems have this game with all content and then some for more than half the price compare to the console after DLC prices. That’s a low blow from Nintendo that they didn’t attempt again with Fire Emblem Warriors. Everything else is just…average. That’s why Pii U should remain forgotten mostly and left to die.

  4. It’s funny how time changes opinions I also loved Mario Sunshine and I know many do but I also remember many negative reviews at the time it came out. Gamecube sold less than 22 million. It’s really the great games that make the system. Metroid prime was outstanding in all aspects and I’ve hoped for Luigis mansion 3 to be announced at the last few directs. January’s will hopefully be the one.

  5. Normally I would write this off as them playing ignorance but considering they publicly declared they wanted to hit 2 million sales before the end of the year, I have no choice but to believe them.
    Seriously Nintendo, I’m so proud of you right now, all you need to do now is restock the missing amiibos, stop content ID claiming YouTube videos, and localize Mother 3 and we’ll be 100% best friends.

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