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IGN Name Zelda Breath Of The Wild As Their Game Of The Year 2017

IGN have been making a big fuss about this year’s Game of the Year awards and the day has finally come to announce the winner. Yes, it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U which has achieved IGN’s Game of the Year 2017. Here’s what they had to say about the incredible game.




      1. Uhm. How is he an Xbot for saying one Nintendo game is an overrated piece of crap compared to another Nintendo game? Wouldn’t calling him some fancy word for Super Mario fanatics be more suitable?

        1. ||He insulted a key weapon, Xbot by default, every other reason is irrelevant…||

    1. Though I haven’t played Super Mario Odyssey enough to give it a fair opinion, I wouldn’t call BotW a piece of crap but I definitely would call it a bit overrated. But whatever. Different opinions for different folks. (To me, NieR: Automata is better.)

        1. No as this is my first NieR playing. Or any game from that franchise NieR is an offshoot of.

          1. The first nier had ok mechanics but an AMAZING story. It’s the only game were I felt like the villain shouldve won because what he was doing had a real life reason. I was teary eyed during that boss battle and part of me wanted to lose in the end.

            If you ever get a chance to play that game, do so. Its one of the lost PS3 games from last gen and its why a lot of us were championing Nier Automata.

            1. I plan to when they ever release it on PS4. (Probably buy the main series, too, if those also come to PS4. (Waiting on the Dead Space games to get PS4 re-releases, too, but I’m not holding my breath on that one since EA seems adamant in killing off any franchise that isn’t their sports games.))

              1. Yeah those games were great, 3 not so much but still enjoyable. It is odd that they havent been remasted yet. Youre right though EA is just a mess.

            2. (Except the Need for Speed racing games. That seems to be the only sports game they don’t give a shit about.))

    2. Not exactly. It’s vastly open and awesome with plenty to do. If Mario was like BotW with multiple worlds connected into one giant hub with objectives and such plus having Bowser being the most hardest boss in the series like Ganon, it would be competitively great.

    3. He said promoting Odyssey, my most disappointing game of the year. Most disappointing because the base game doesn’t particularly measure any actual skill in any way. I would argue it doesn’t really count as a game until you’re post credits. It’s more a digital tour.

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