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A Super Sonic DLC Is Starting To Release For Sonic Forces & It Is Free For A Limited Time

Depending on where you live, you may have a special surprise waiting for you and your copy of Sonic Forces right now. A new DLC is being released in the Nintendo Switch eShop that adds Super Sonic to the game. As of this article’s writing, Australia and Europe can get the DLC. However, those who live in North America cannot get it until tomorrow. The DLC is free, but it won’t stay that way. Starting January 23rd, the Super Sonic DLC will cost $1.99/€1.99/£1.69. As for Super Sonic himself, you can play him in “20+ Modern and Classic stages”. You can check out some gameplay of Super Sonic in action down below.

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  1. This doesn’t even look like it does all that much for the gameplay. Sonic never needs to worry about even getting close to running out of rings, and it doesn’t even help classic Sonic in the slightest apart from always being invincible

  2. I see what ya doing, Sega. Making something limited in the hopes you can manipulate those of us still on the fence or waiting for a price cut into buying the game while it is still at its current price. *scoffs* Well you might succeed with some idiots but I won’t be one of them. *continues to wait for the game to go down to 20 bucks*

    1. Honestly don’t even bother if it’s 20 bucks, I beat it in roughly 2 1/2 hours, and that’s cutscenes included. The daily bonus also gave me an automatic S rank even if I died a couple times, so there’s not even an incentive for me to replay stages to get a higher rank. To say the game is an embarassment would be an understatement.

      1. Since it appears I’m more likely to get it on PS4 than Switch, I’m sure there will be a deal for it somewhere down the line for 15 bucks or less. It’s bound to get a PS Store deal with a PS+ deal on top at some point that will take it well below 20 bucks. I’ve seen a few games worth 20 going down to 5 bucks for a limited time before, after all.

      2. Come to think of it, I think one of those games might have been Slender: The Arrival.

      3. Seriously?, I never imagine for this to be part of the DLC. You know, getting all the red rings from all stages to unlocked Super Sonic, is better that way. Besides, people can take that challenge.

    2. The silly thing is you technically don’t even need the game in order to get DLC on the Switch. I’ll probably grab this while it’s free and uninstall it just so it’s attached to my account if I ever end up with a copy of this game, though I really doubt I ever will.

      1. Now that is THE BEST ADVICE A BROTHER CAN GET!!
        This game is NOT WORTH $40, $30 & many will argue it’s not worth $20!

        This is a $7, $8 or $9 game, dlc or no dlc!
        *Suck ass camera angles!
        *Too short stages!
        *Boss battle are a breeze!
        The only thing this game is good for is “a door stopper!”

        1. Let’s not forget, Shadow only gets 3 stages, Infinite is a colossal fucking disappointment for a so called “powerful” entity with no to barebone backstory, Classic Sonic controls are unpolished while his level tunes are fucking annoying to listen to, all characters are useless, the story retcons the Canon some more, for a “war” story there’s only ONE location that got destroyed but only about a few locations to travel in the entire game, Sonic just painfully annoys me with his unfunny cheery ass dialog/acting, I could go on with this trash game all day to tell how bad and lazy it is. Oh, did I mention that now Sega is charging for Super Sonic DLC. Let me say that again, CHARGING $ FOR SUPER SONIC…THE MAIN STAPLE OF THE SERIES SINCE 1991!!! WTF?!?!

      2. I am sorry for my accusations that you were a troll. I missed judged you.

        1. I don’t troll unless A. I have a reason or B. I feel bored. lol Anyway, nice to read that. What you once thought about me trolling is just giving opinions you may not agree with. I get it. I’m not always right or wrong, I just see and say things as it is.

  3. This is… honestly just disgusting. Super Sonic has been a staple of the games since Sonic 2 and to have a core part of the game cut out and repackaged as DLC is disgraceful. Worse yet is Sega having the audacity to charge extra for it down the road.

  4. Seriously?, I never imagine for this to be part of the DLC. You know, getting all the red rings from all stages to unlocked Super Sonic, is better that way. Besides, people can take that challenge.

  5. 1. Why wasn’t this in the game from the start and 2. Why charge this if it was suppose to be in the game? Can’t believe I fucking hot burned buying this piece of lazy shit that went $30 in less than 15 days.

  6. I have no words for how idiotic it is to sell a feature of sonic as dlc…

    1. Or hand Sonic over to Atlus. It’s clear they are one of the very, very, very few good developers at Sega.

      1. And Dimps. I know, Sonic 4 but that’s just one average game, not a terrible one. Forces is a terrible game and it’s made in-house just like Lost World and 2006. I would let Christian Whitehead, Dimps and maybe Atlus handle Sonic because Sega no longer deserves that honor to design more games for him.

    2. Nintendo should buy off Sonic IP. He’ll fit right in with Nintendo and they’ll score so many characters to boot with the chance to make spinoff games starting them like Silver or Knuckles.

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