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Blossom Tales Sold Double The Amount Of Units On Switch Launch Day Vs. A Lifetime On Steam

FDG Entertainment have revealed the extent of sales for indie title Blossom Tales on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version of the game sold double the amount copies in just one day than a lifetime of Steam sales. It is just another indie title that has outperformed expectation on Nintendo’s popular system. Long may it continue!



  1. From a Miketendo64 interview on Blossom Tales’s Success: Philipp Döschl: To be honest, the Steam release wasn’t that successful, as opposed to the Switch release. It took less than 24 hours for the Switch version to double the Steam version’s lifetime sales of about 9 months. So far we super happy with the sales and the response so far. The first reviews that popped up after the embargo lifted were very good and the response from players is phenomenal. The whole team made itself a very beautiful Christmas present. And personally, I’m very happy that the whole project is finally on track to hit the well-deserved break even.

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  2. I wonder how long this kind of statistics will keep up. What will happen when there are tons of triple A Nintendo 1st Party games to choose from instead. That might be the reason for it beating Steam so easly. Steam just have a larger library. Ofc a larger userbase atm, but who knows?

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    1. That is the million dollar question.

      I mean, its been working well for Sony, they lacked first party games the first few years, and the indies took care of those large gaps. Even now that the PS4 is blooming with triple A goodness, and the indies still thrive.


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